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How to Use Energy Meditation to Relief Chronic Pain

One of the most important benefits of energy meditation is raising the positive vibration for your body, mind and spirit. Moreover, by replenishing the flow of energy through your entire being, you are able to activate the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Why is this important?

Chronic pain, which can go on for months, years or more, can become so ingrained in our psyche that we feel it is simply a part of who we are. Almost half of the world’s population experiences some form of chronic pain.

Curious to learn how energy meditation can help you feel happy and pain-free again? Read on to find out.

#1 It Rewires the Brain’s Pain Circuits

It is a known fact that meditation soothes the brain’s pain centers. Just after a few days of guided meditation, pain levels can decrease up to 60%.

Here’s why this happens.

energy meditation

Neuronal pathways within the brain get programmed every time you expect pain to occur. In time, less and less stimulus is needed to trigger the pain reflex. Eventually, the simple thought of pain becomes your reality. Thinking of pain creates more pain.

By clearing any energy blockages on the way, your brain will be able to send the right message and you will gain the right state of mind to feel happiness and love again.

All this can be possible thanks to the channeling of cosmic energy through your body, mind and spirit. Instead of targeting the pain, energy meditation empowers and elevates your being on a holistic level.

Can you imagine reducing your chronic pain by half in less than a week?

#2 Energy Meditation Cleanses Your Emotional Reaction to Pain

Often, pain causes people to get stuck in a brutal feedback loop. Even if their disease is gone, they are still suffering. Their anticipation of pain creates stress, which leads to physical tension within the body – especially near the painful area, which ultimately leads to more pain.

Guided energy meditation teaches you how to emotionally detach from your negative thoughts and physical sensations. You elevate yourself and become a passive, impartial observer of your mind. You get an empowered awareness which no longer forces you to label every sensation as “good” or “bad”.

You become a child of the Universe, loved and capable of achieving great things. Your dopamine levels will dramatically increase and your body will be capable of self-healing.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and is the key factor for making us feel motivated and capable of anything.

#3 Guided Energy Meditation Takes You to the Next Level

Permanent pain relief can and should come from within. Meditation has been proven to healthily and naturally release feel-good endorphins, which are up to 100 times more powerful than anything you’ve experienced so far.

energy meditation

Additionally, there are no side effects involved. Guided meditation allows you to tap into a massive healing power anytime you want. You will see things clearer and understand your true calling.

You will take yourself to the next level and become one with the others walking on the Path of Ascension.

What Are You Waiting for?

If pain has taken over your life and you simply forgot what happiness and love taste like, it is time to act.

My Infinite Wisdom 18 Days Journey can help you get started with energy meditation. You will be able to connect with your Authentic Vibrational Cosmic Crystal Blueprint by achieving the right frequency, which will ultimately unleash super healing abilities.

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fiber of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place.