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How to Use Guided Meditation to Energize Your Body

The New Year has come and dozens of enthusiastic resolutions come with it, as well.

Those related to pircise, healthyt

eating and workouts make up the overwhelming majority of these resolutions.

And it’s only natural.

You want to energise your body.

You want to control the way it reacts to stress – and physical activity is a great path to take.

But a healthy lifestyle is not limited to food intake and workouts. On the contrary, if you only nourish your body and not your spirit as well, you might:

  • experience difficulties
  • not reach the desired results
  • not be able to get the most out of your efforts.

As an energy healer, I can tell you meditation is one way to work both on your body and your soul. So in this article, I’m sharing with you what I’ve been learning about the way guided meditation helps you to energize your body.

It All Starts with a Deep Breath

Meditation starts with the way you breathe so as to relieve your body and prepare it for increased awareness levels.

Inhale and direct the airflow into your body, while also visualising how it’ll energize each and every cell, tissue and organ.

This will help with channelling the right energy and with bringing awareness to the state of your body.

The more you practice this combined breathing and visualisation technique, the more you’ll master the art of sensing what your body is telling you.

You’ll better know how to deal with the circadian rhythm of your body, what diet works better and fits with your schedule or what is the necessary amount of physical effort your body needs.

Towards Better Focus and Planning

When you want to energise your body, you might not realise from the get-go that you’ll need relentless focus and commitment to a well-thought-of plan.

Effective planning is a key element to a proficient lifestyle change process.


It’s because of the way our brains work.

They create patterns which can be controlled by our volition. So the better you plan, the better is your brain equipped to set itself for productivity and healthy patterns.

And it’s a well-established fact meditation increases focus significantly. 

Once you manage to acquire better concentration, you will be able to delegate tasks, segment your day/week and set your brain to do this automatically. As long as you help it with meditation, your mind will automate its processes.

Want to Energise Your Body? It’s All in the Brain

More exactly, in the information flow going on inside your mind.

What we’re generally not aware of is the fact the brain is a marvellous machine which decodes information. All the time. Even when we’re not aware of it.

This whole process is like an internal conversation – and it requires actual energy. So when you’re feeling tired for no apparent reason, it’s because this internal flow has been going on for too long and has consumed significant amounts of energy (especially if you’re dealing with stressful, demanding or complex thoughts).

Meditation is the best intervention here because it breaks this non-stop cycle and forces the mind to stop, recharge its resources and deal with the energy blockages on its way. 

This is why it’s indicated you perform meditation in a quiet spot, devoid of external stimuli.

And this is also why all people feel like a brand-new person after each meditation session.

Do You Want to Feel Like a Brand-New Person?

Then trying out guided meditation won’t hurt you in the least.

I’m here to help and love you along every step of the way.

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