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How to Use Meditation to Heal Your Broken Heart

When we experience profound heartache, it’s hard not to be sucked in and dwell in our misery. After all, it’s a world-shattering occurrence which forces us to completely revisit ideas about self, behaviour or rapport with the others. 

Are you undergoing such a time in your life? Then you’re most certainly involved in an active pursuit to heal your broken heart. 

At this point, I need to point something out: you may be thinking your heart is broken, but I’d like to phrase it another way. Yes, your heart is being put to the test. But it’s a test which ultimately has a purpose: unearthing the unlimited resources of strength you have inside.

Because strength comes from light – and we’re all beings of light.

We’ve been endowed with countless deposits of power and heartache should not stop us from nurturing them. I want to help you heal your broken heart, so I prepared a few words on how meditation will help you do this.

Changing the Narrative

Of all the souls I’ve helped heal throughout time, the overwhelming majority had the hardest time with detaching from the subjective perspective they had had upon the failed relationship. 

It was hard for them to objectively assess the whole dynamic leading to the breakup. They were caught in the same narrative of self-absorption.

Once they took on meditation and practised it extensively, however, they were able to change that narrative.

How did they manage that (and can you heal your broken heart by following in their steps)?

They applied the technique of visualisation, which consists of a few stages:

  1. Finding a quiet spot which also helps one focus and channel inner thoughts.
  2. Imagining the former partner is sitting right across the room.
  3. Making contact with the virtual presence of them.
  4. Visualising this meeting as a ball of energy.

The more one repeats these steps and reaches the last one consistently, the faster acceptance and peace of mind will come.

Meditation Will Heal Your Broken Heart by Clearing up All Negativity

Heartaches take a lot of time to heal because most people have a hard time letting go. That’s because they don’t realise they cultivate a lot of negativity and dwelling in the past. 

Meditation is the best solution to this vicious cycle.


Because it helps people treat the root cause of the problem – unhealed scars and negativity which have been amassed throughout time.

In a relationship which falls apart, negativity is a key contributor because it misaligns the energies of the two people. This slowly erodes the couple’s interaction to the point where they don’t make any effort anymore. Or they can’t even see what brought them together in the first place.

And all this baggage of big and small mistakes tarnishes not only the relationship itself, but the post-relationship time. Because your soul has got used to the weight and takes it as the norm.

Here’s where meditation steps in: it clears up all the thought processes which have been blocked by negative energies.

Ready to Step Away from Heartache?

Ready to access e newly discovered, empowered self?

As an energy healer myself, I can vouch for the power of meditation. If you consider a facilitator to foster the process, the effect will be even more powerful and transformative.

You’ll heal your broken heart, yes. But more importantly, you’ll become a stronger and more beautiful soul, ready to love and be loved.

I, for one, love you with all my heart and my soul and welcome you to the One Family where you’ll learn to redefine the notion of love.

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