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How You Can Practice Self-Healing Techniques at Home

Our day-to-day lives are a paradox: most of them are dedicated to work, but we also need to balance everything out with some time for ourselves. But where do we get that time from? There are countless issues we have to deal with – apart from our professional lives.

As it is, we need to find alternative solutions and optimise our daily stream of inner peace. One way of doing so is by approaching self-healing techniques and practices at home. 

Just think about the fact your home is the place where you most connect to yourself. You create your patterns, you design the energies flowing around, you ignite the light which permeates your space.

So, it’s natural you seek to employ the closest energetic environment in order to create a self-healing routine which matches your schedule and lifestyle.

It’s All in the Mind

The most effective self-healing techniques start within your mind – this is the ‘battlefield’ you have to control and you can easily do that while at home.

First off, try to exercise your visualisation capacity. Picture your physical hands as a pair of ‘energy hands’ you can direct anywhere inside your body. You can also try to envisage smaller structures, like tissues or cells. As you’re breathing, they also breathe, just that this process happens differently, through chemical exchanges. It helps if you look for video clips of cellular processes.

self-healing techniques

This way, you can really delve into the depths of your vital breath.

Another way of employing self-healing techniques by visualisation is picturing you standing opposite yourself. As you’re trying to direct the flows of energy to a particular area, imagine how the aura around you changes as the energy blocks are being cleared.

Cultivate Your Perceptivity to Maximise the Self-Healing Techniques

Many people have the impression they’re not perceptive enough to carry out self-healing techniques like the one I referred to in the lines above.

They can, however, add a few small tweaks to their routine, like:

  • Saving 5 minutes to examine the details of a room in your home (the whole process can be documented by taking photos of the details noticed).
  • Extending this practice on the way to work and trying to capture any singularity encountered. Soon, hidden patterns will start profiling and prepare your spirit for a shift of perception.
  • Self-talk also helps if it is used as a morning or night routine.

As you can see, there’s no need to seek for a dedicated space in order to accommodate self-healing into your life. But from my experience, I can tell you that your personal space at home is the most viable medium to carry out the healing practices.

self-healing techniques

Connect to Enrich Your Space

Once you’re able to start using self-healing techniques, your home will become an energy hub where the soul and the body can find peace. 

The best way to go forward on your path towards complete healing is to share your newfound serenity with other souls engaged on this journey. You can meet them at group meditation sessions organised at your place or in dedicated communities and learn from their own practices and transformational processes.

Giving heals, so you might as well want to share your space for a few sessions of providing relief. This way, you create a virtuous loop of give-and-take which helps with tapping into the superior dimension of the One Love.

I’m waiting for you to discover it and maybe try out my guided meditation which will fill your home with the Love Frequency.