Human Photosynthesis – Light Code Activation & Power of the Sun

In this video Jerry shares valuable information on human photosynthesis. We are all like plants, flowers, trees. We have the ability to metabolise light as energy and as a species we must connect to the light frequencies that are travelling into our space from the central sun.

We must feed our bodies what our bodies needs to change our molecular structure and re-calibrate our internal bodily structure through the coding/photons, containing coding.

We must eat mother nature and sun gaze, meditate and drink high ph water. Light codes are everywhere containing the information we need to expand our consciousness and elevate our frequency and change the vibration on this planet. Chem-trails and false cloud structures hinder this flow of light. We must know the truth so we can set ourselves free.

You have the potential to be a super-human. Are you ready?

You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick back and experience this inspirational video. Team work is the key to a free and harmonious reality. We are ONE!

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