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Infinity will ignite your inner tools so you can thrive 24/7

You have the power within you to transform your life and create your reality. You already have the knowledge within you, but Star Magic Healing will show you how to unlock this inner wisdom, remember who you truly are, why you incarnated on Planet Earth and how to use this ancient knowledge to fulfil your life purpose and enjoy every second on this world.

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Dedication and Consistency = Massive Transformation


To have a positive lasting impact on your life, you must make a commitment. This commitment is to you and you only. This is known as Self-Love. When you realise that you are the most important human in your Universe, you will take an inward step. This inward step, accompanied with the right tools, will shift you beyond your wildest dreams.


To profoundly change your life, you must put in a little effort every day. It must become a lifestyle and the tools inside Infinity are designed to fit into your schedule. Whether you are a CEO, stay at home mom or a nine to fiver, this works! So many people in this world want a quick fix. The truth is you will never get a quick fix that lasts. You cannot build muscle or a successful business in 2 weeks. Consistent effort is the key.


Once you join Infinity and are familiar with the tools, one of our team will contact you to discuss your progress, answer any questions you have and discuss a tailor-made approach to get the best out of Infinity. This is free and a part of the service because we know from seeing thousands transform, that this works for everyone when they apply the tools in the right way.


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1000+ Meditations, Videos, and Articles

New Meditations, Light Language Transmissions, Videos, Articles and Recipes released each and every week.

We’re dedicated to supporting your ascension with new high-vibrational content every week, designed to enhance your mind, body and spirit, elevate your frequency and raise your vibration.

Explore our vast library of guided meditations, and insightful articles. Infinity members have access to yoga videos, and even distance healing videos presented by Jerry.


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What’s Inside Your Ascension Toolbox?

All of these tools fit seamlessly together, working in harmony with each
other, your mind, body and soul.

They are available inside Infinity right now. When you adopt the Star Magic Lifestyle, your entire Universe will open up. The questions is…

Are You Ready?

Transformational Meditations

Light Language Codes and Transmissions

Powerful Distance Healing Transmissions

Ascension Yoga

Live Online Masterclasses

High Vibration Nutrition & Recipes

Meditation Challenges

The 21 Day Abundance Program

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Create Your Future

You are a quantum architect. You can create and re-create reality very easily. The more you engage with the Infinity Toolbox, the more you will realise this. You will learn/remember, how to literally rewire your own consciousness and create your future, exactly as you wish.

The Direction You Need to Succeed

The Meditation Challenges will give you a progressive, daily plan. You can start with the 7-day challenges before moving on to the 13 day, 27 day, 3 month frequency amplification (FAC) challenge and then the Life style Challenge. You will build into this slowly.

The frequency is not as high in the first three challenges, but it builds you up at the right pace and when you hot the 3 month FAC, you will be ready to accelerate your life at an extremely fast pace.

And do not forget, we have our popular 21-day abundance program

What Our Tribe Say…

What Benefits Will I Experience?

  • Heightened awareness
  • Heart and Brain Coherence
  • Activated Abundance Frequency
  • Discovery of Your Life Purpose
  • Activated DNA
  • A unique set of tools to create whatever reality your heart desires
  • An expanded heart and a deep sense of peace
  • A Deep Connection with your Cosmic Tribe
  • Clarity
  • Expanded awareness
  • Increased energy
  • Activated 3rd Eye
  • A bio-circuitry system with the old programming dissolved
  • A State of Calmness and Serenity that You Can Tap 24/7
  • Increased Levels of Courage and confidence
  • Increased focus & motivation

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Now with monthly Live Interactive Masterclasses

with Jerry Sargeant

Infinity interactive is a monthly live session where Jerry will spend time with the tribe, sharing the latest information on healing, transformation, hot topics, manifestation,relationships, business, health and the top tips for the month. New codes and frequencies that you can apply in your life to go deeper on your journey.

It’s an awesome chnace to connect with Jerry in real-time and expand, as truth and wisdom is shared.

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Pay £27 per month after your free 7-day trial.
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for your ultimate ascension toolbox, full of high
vibrational content designe to elevate your
mind body and soul.



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