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Healing Future Lives

Self Care

• Rejuvenate yourself – heal aches and pains, manage sleeplessness with sleep easy meditations.
• Star Magic Yoga – Mind and body union, infused with Star Magic Healing Frequencies
• High Vibration Nutrition (HVN) – Simple, Mouth-watering high vibration recipes

Diamond Abundance Codes


• Distance Healing to breathe new life into Relationships,
• Attract the right companion with easy manifestation meditations.
• Let go with ease – with deep audio meditations

Self Healing Codes

Inner Peace and Balance

• Self-Healing – Overcome uncertainty, Increase Zest for Life, Happiness, Gratitude, find joy, passion, and a sense of purpose.
• Light language Transmissions – Rebuild every cell of your body & connect to Source

Healing Future Lives


• Connect with your Tribe. Access our Private Group of like-minded and like-hearted, supportive souls. Private Telegram group to be connected 24/7 with our global tribe, and regular monthly live masterclasses.

Diamond Abundance Codes


• It’s never too late to manifest your desires. Our abundance meditations, dissolve blocks, and enable rapid manifestations with guided, easy and powerful meditations which work on you even while you’re sleeping.

Self Healing Codes


• Personal Star Buddy to help you get the best out of Infinity, answer your questions, and support your journey – Just a call free away.
• Technical support – just an email away, to help you access the goodness of Infinity on your desktop and your mobile phone.

Infinity is now available on both IPhone and Android phones, giving you 24/7 access to all our Meditations, Light Language Transmissions, Soothing Healing Music, Cosmic Yoga videos, Distance Healing Sessions, Mouth-Watering Recipes, Ascension Reading Material on our blog and access to your community.


Healing Future Lives

Jerry !!! OMG !! I’ve done hundreds of Star Magic Meditations but this one by far is my favorite!! This was exactly what I needed!!! Wow wow wow !! I was crying tears of euphoria !!! Super expanded and anchored even more in my mission on the planet. Wow ! There are no words to describe this! Thank you

Nada Haarb

Healing Future Lives

Your abundance meditations absolutely turned my business around! I was at the point of losing it all! I had to borrow $40,000 from my mom just to keep from going under. I started the meditations. Honest to god that year my revenues were $1.2 milion, and every year since I’ve consistently made over a million in revenues. I now know how to vibrate and flow in the frequency of abundance. I’m so grateful for you and StarMagic

Libby Siebold

Healing Future Lives

Although I have been on
my spiritual journey for many years, your meditation journeys are clearing parts of my being that I had not reached so far. Many thanks for being who you are brother 🙂 Love from Germany 🙂

Friederike Kock

Healing Future Lives

Star Magic Meditations have smacked me flat on my ass sending me deep, deep into healing and then leaving me feeling mighty fine, indeed. Jerry, your infinite flow, spectacular skills and genuine gift to your heavenly heart creates the perfect recipe for all of your magnificent meditations.

Dave Trilles

What’s inside Infinity?

Transformational Meditations

Bring in deep changes by eliminating embedded patterns

Light Language Codes and Transmissions

Uplift your soul, bypass your mind interference, and grow with the language of the soul

Distance Healing Transmissions

Rejuvenate – mentally, physically, and emotionally

Ascension Yoga

Beyond ordinary yoga, activate your body and its spiritual components

Live Online Masterclasses

Live Q&A with Jerry, receive new codes, frequencies to go deeper on your journey

High Vibration Nutrition & Recipes

Optimal nutrition for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices, shakes and desserts designed to help you in your healing journey

Meditation Challenges

Experience REAL Transformation with 7, 12, 13 and 21 day challenges

The 21 Day Abundance Program

21 days to create the life of your dreams and go beyond living. Thrive on this magical planet.


Healing Future Lives

Not even two weeks into the Abundance Meditation Challenge and it has created so much for me. Over the weekend my company suddenly had a 48 hour flash sale. I didn’t have a huge pipeline, however out of nowhere, I had two clients who kept referring to me.

Wendy Saw – Sales Consultant

Healing Future Lives

Holey Moley Jerry. What a journey!! I felt at home in the golden trees and started singing as soon as I got there (and I can’t sing at all). The tune went higher when I entered the chamber with the healing bed. I can still feel my bracelet. Love you Jerry. Thank you. I feel so healed. My left leg has been troubling me for months and it feels normal again.

Mary DeRosa

Healing Future Lives

After 2 weeks of non-stop, excruciating pain, I was not able to manage it. I wanted to call for an ambulance . I tried to be brave even though I couldn’t sit down, stand up or go to bed because of the pain. I decided to join your Meditation Library. After the 3rd meditation all my pain was gone! I can sit down and stand up and after not sleeping for several days, I slept 12 hours. This is magical Jerry. Thank you so much.

Marianne Craclunescu

Healing Future Lives

Infinity has taken me to places I was completely unaware of. I feel that I am spiritually grounded for the first time in my life. The Infinity Library is never ending, infinite and expansive and I have connected with frequencies that have changed me forever. The most beautiful part of the infinity “Cosmic” Meditation Library is you can visit anytime you want.

Claudia Wilson

Join Our Community & Be Supported

How Infinity Helps in Your Ascension

Star Magic is a vibrational technology. It is pure, it originated out of love – it is a gift from the creator of our Universe. God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, whichever label you decide to put on it. Infinity is infused with STAR MAGIC, which helps bring rapid relief, healing, growth, transformation and ascension.

Vibrate with authority and
authenticity, as our Guided
Meditations build unbreakable
confidence within. You will have
the courage to move towards any
situation and conquer it.

Awaken your creativity, break old
habits, heal past and present life
trauma, live in heart and brain
coherence, activate your third eye
and live with increased motivation.

Anxiety and depression will
dissolve, and a new frequency will
flow through your body. You will
be free to manifest your hearts
calling and discover a new life

What You Get

• Unlimited access to all Infinity Meditations

• Mobile app (Android and Apple) including playlist and offline vault for when you are on a plane or away from Wifi.

• Guided Meditations – For every aspect of life and swift ascension uploaded weekly.

• Silent – Music only Meditations Infused with Star Magic healing frequencies.

• Star Magic Yoga – Easy and effective postures infused with Star Magic uploaded weekly.

• Distance Healing Videos – Body, Mind and Emotional wellbeing.

• High Vibrational Ascension Nutrition & Recipes Uploaded weekly.

• Bi-weekly Fearless Focus sessions where I share a special plan for those who choose to accelerate their journey.

• Light Codes & Light Language Transmissions for activation uploaded weekly.

• Monthly Interactive Masterclasses covering latest information on healing, transformation, manifestation, relationships, health.

• Global Meditation Group 1 x per week.

• Access to global community on Private Telegram Group.

• Infinity Jump Starts – Meet Up Groups to show you around Infinity.

• Optional call with a Star Buddy who will support your journey

• 10% discount on all online and offline workshops

• 10% discount on all merchandise.

• 50% of Infinite Wisdom Journeys


Healing Future Lives

I suffered from anxiety and depression and a lack of purpose in this world. I was also binge eating. I started listening to the Meditations and light Language transmissions and within 2 days my life changed. I tried psychology and other forms of healing but nothing worked. I now feel whole, happy and grateful.


Healing Future Lives

I have personally grown exponentially since using Star Magic. I have found a love and truth in my being that I was unaware of. The meditations have helped me change the world within. I feel so confident and ready for life.

Ambar Biswas

Transform Your Life, Inspire Others and Leave a Legacy

Membership Pricing

• Less than £1 per day

• Pay £27 per month after your free 7-day trial


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Healing Future Lives

I embarked on my healing journey after severe burn-out. Star Magic helped me to get rid of the effects of the burn-out, such as anxiety, tiredness, and panic attacks, which I couldn’t manage to get rid of before. I have become calmer & more in tune with myself and my relationship has improved . I am even more optimistic and happy, and my business has more than doubled since. My girlfriend and mom are now Infinity members too.

Chipo Banda

Healing Future Lives

Wowsa! I have no words but simply the deepest gratitude for this moment. So many timelines came into one space and I could feel the healing and expansion flow through like liquid spirit . Awwww sooo tender, cold and I feel completely filled with the love of everything and no thing at the same time. Sooo peaceful!

Heather Goodings

Healing Future Lives

I went from chaos on the inside to inner peace, understanding and freedom. I am not afraid anymore. I am expanding and evolving in ways that I can not describe. I am actually a beam of light traveling through the universe when I listen to the meditations. The Infinity Tribe feels like home. Everyone shares and helps each other. I’ve learned so much. Thank you!


Healing Future Lives

For over 32 years I have had severe brain fog. As I was receiving the healing my mind wandered to the woods where I screamed until I fell asleep from exhaustion. I felt very cold when out of nowhere two wolves laid down beside me to keep me warm. During today’s meditation with you I met them and I cried deeply when I felt their love. Thank you Jerry for creating Star Magic, so beautiful souls like Antonio can share their Magic.

Robyn Tutak

Raise Your Vibration NOW (7 DAYS FREE ACCESS)