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Sea Of Presence

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Earth Healing Portal

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A Message From Jerry

You are the centre of your own Universe. You are a quantum architect, who has the opportunity and more importantly the potential, to create your reality, exactly as you wish. Your frequency is the key.

To raise your frequency and more importantly, keep it high, you must do the work, daily. Like anything in life, consistency is the key. The second you take your foot off of the gas, you go backwards.

You have all the tools at your disposal. You are an incredible human being with a mesmerising light. Do the work, expand your consciousness & unleash your inner magic. Take responsibility and go for it!

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Earth Healing Portal
Quantum Alchemy
Quantum Alchemy
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Healing Videos

As a loyal Infinity Member we value your health and well-being and so have created these healing videos to assist your earthly journey. These powerful short healing sessions target a range of different issues. Mental, physical and emotional symptoms are addressed and healed.

New videos are uploaded regularly to empower your health and vitality and free your mind, body and soul to experience this life fully.

Short Meditations

Are you pressed for time? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. In our short meditation section you will find a range of meditations between and 10 and 15 minutes. They are just as potent and can be slotted in before breakfast, at lunchtime or in the evening before bed.

Time will not be an excuse anymore. Everyone can create 10 to 15 minutes for themselves, once or twice a day. Empower yourself beautiful soul.


Infinity interactive is a monthly live session where Jerry will spend time with the tribe, sharing the latest information on healing, transformation and the top tips for the month. New codes and frequencies are shared that you can apply in your life to go deeper on your journey.

Remember, all of the Master Class replays are ready for you inside the Inspire Section. Listen HERE.

Meditation Challenges

Meditation Challenges are a sure-fire recipe for gigantic results. These challenge are for Titans who truly want to expand. Tribe members who engage in our challenges, see groundbreaking results. relationships, health and finance soar.

Want massive transformation and a universal shift? Follow the challenges to the letter. Start with the 7 day challenge and work your way up. Let’s do this!

Star Magic Yoga

These Cosmic Star Magic Yoga Sessions are amazing. We have a variety of short sessions to activate your body and its spiritual components. There are Cosmic Yoga routines for Opening Your Heart, your Crown Chakra, Activating Your Pineal Gland and much more.

Combine these routines with your meditations and light language transmissions and watch the magic flow through your life.

Light Language

Light Language is the language of the soul. The Light Language Transmissions and Light Codes will ignite a thunderous roar deep within your soul. This roar is the roar of freedom. It will unleash a determination from within that you have never felt before.

This will rock your world as you open a Deep Stream of Remembering that will vibrate through every cell of your body. Listen HERE

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