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Help To Support You on Your Journey

Welcome to Infinity. Before you get stuck in and start expanding, we have some useful videos for you to watch as well as some meditation challenges to set you off in style. The videos and challenges will answer questions you may have, guide you in the right direction and support you through this journey.
Thank you for being here and being you!

One Love, One Heart, One Human Family!

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I’m new to Infinity, what is the best way to start?

Getting started plan for the first 4 weeks

My mind wanders during meditation, how do I stay focused?

Is there a quick way to find the meditations in the library?

What benefits can I expect from using Infinity?

Top tips for getting the most from Infinity

Which meditations heal disease?

How can I heal depression, anxiety or low self esteem?

Will I feel more positive after doing these mediations?

Are there meditations for building relationships?

How can I use the library to manifest?

What are the best meditations to open my third eye?

What are the best meditations to expand my consciousness?

I want to raise my vibration what do you suggest?

Infinity More To Explore

What will I find inside Inspire?

How do I use the Light Language Transmissions?

How do I use the ascension nutrition tool?

Should I combine meditations?

I’m NOT new to meditation. How shall I start?

How do I deal with my emotions when I use the library?

Can I meditate too much?

What is the difference between the live meditations & the studio recordings?

How much water should I drink whilst using the meditation library?

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