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Infinity interactive is a monthly live session where Jerry will spend time with the tribe, sharing the latest information on healing, transformation, hot topics, manifestation, relationships, business, health and the top tips for the month.
New codes and frequencies that you can apply in your life to go deeper on your journey.

You will get the opportunity to ask questions in the live chat and Jerry will answer them there and then. It’s highly informative and a no holds barred session where all topics of discussion are welcomed during question time.

It’s an awesome chance to connect with Jerry in real-time and expand, as truth and wisdom is shared. If you want to be in the know and first to experience the latest Star Magic Healing news, then be on the Interactive.

The live interactive will last approximately 2 hours. The session will take place via  Gotowebinar. A link will be sent to all Infinity Members once the next date and time is set.

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14th February – Blue Devi Angelic Kryst Consciousness Codes, Online

Sunday, 14th February 2021, 3pm, UK TIME

You will receive an email with your registration link the day before this event

(If you are not already an Infinity member you can sign up here)

This free Master Class, held by Jerry Sargeant, is for Star Magic Infinity Members. Its part of our new addition to Infinity called Interactive. Jerry hosts these live Master Interactive Classes, covering different topics and subjects, giving you the chance to learn new skills and and take new tools into your spiritual arsenal that you can use every day to keep unlocking more of who you are, more of your Divine Potential.
This is a very special Masterclass. Recently Jerry came into contact with some beings that introduced themselves as Blue Devi Angelic Kryst Consciousness Codes. The beings themselves entered Jerry’s space when he was doing some grid work in Ireland. They carry the New Earth Frequency Codes. Actually, the beings themselves are the codes.
During this Masterclass Jerry will introduce you to these beings and download the first 3 codes into your consciousness. The next 3 codes will be delievered in a second Masterclass and the third set of codes in the third part of this Masterclass Trilogy.
These beings carry an energy like you’ve never felt before.
So Calm – So Beautiful – So Powerful – So Divine.
These New Earth Codes are being shared with us because Star Magic is in alignment and at the forefront of the vibratory field in the expansion of human consciousness, we are being given these codes to share with our Tribe and the world!
How will you know if you are ready for them? You will a strong pull in your heart.

Expect Transformation. Are you ready?

If you are an Infinity Member already, you don’t need to do anything. You will be sent login and passcodes the day before the workshop to your registered e-mail. Each Infinity Member will have a unique password to access this class. Each password will only work once for each person and cannot be shared.

If you are not an Infinity Member, register here: and you too, will also be sent login and pass codes the day before the masterclass to your registered e-mail. You will even receive the passcode if you sign up for a FREE 7-day trial, so you can experience this incredible masterclass for zero charge. Just remember to ensure the seven day period of your trial covers the date of the Masterclass!

The event is scheduled for 3 hours but don’t be in a hurry to leave as it may go over if we are working and flowing.

Please stay hydrated leading up to this Masterclass. It will be deeply transformational.

There will be time for sharing and questions afterwards.

See You on the Inside Beautiful Souls

If you would like to listen to the replays of previous interactive masterclasses, you can find them here:

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