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Interesting Prophetic Dreams – April 2016

Power of Dreams

I started recording my dreams 30 years ago in 1986, with 100’s of pages recorded over many years. Even back in the 1980’s, I was having very vivid, even lucid dreams, relating to the future and UFOs too. Over time I have had many unusual dreams and find that many more ‘prophetic’ or other-worldly dreams have occurred recently, such as in April of this year. I used to think the dreams were created by an overactive imagination. However, in the light of recent events, many of these dreams have proved prophetic or otherwise visionary in feel. Below are examples of my dreams from April.

Apr 5 2016: Tuvok Building Balance

Dream: I am out exploring and connected with the Vulcan Tuvok. It is in the future and night time. There are buildings all around me and I see an irregular pillar or pyramid on glass precariously balanced on the side of a building from an angle above it. I saw this like a translucent block like a ‘spinning top’ on glass pane stylised almost like a cartoon and it felt important to work with someone to keep it balanced (like balancing the body for healing). I see Tuvok inside and below it and communicate to him to telepathically balance it so it does not go through or fall off. At first things appear to be fine but then I see it going unbalanced and start to topple over. I cannot believe what I’m seeing and see Tuvok looking up and a shadow moving over his face (12-1 pm).

My Interpretation: Theme of timing, balance, control and helping others. I need to let go and catch my flight (embrace my mission) and trust the universe to balance things.

Apr 6 2016: Skyscraper Rainfall Feeling Real

Dream: I am in a skyscraper building with some people having a meeting or party and we are on our own as the building is otherwise deserted. I decide to go up to the top and am accompanied by a young woman of about 5 foot 6 inches with short brown hair, slight build and loose clothes. She looked like a cross between Ray from Star Wars and Kuan (Quan) Yin. We walk around the room and look into rooms then settle on a large bare room and sit around. I hear a loud splashing noise like a shower or rainfall. Then I pull up some blinds and open a window and see and hear torrential rain crashing down on the roof. The room is inset so my eyes are my 3 or 4 feet from the roof platform and I see each column of water splashing down and up off the surface and hear the sounds go quieter and louder and up and down pitch. It feels so real (9-10 am).

My Interpretation: Wow the sounds were great in the first dream and the detail of course notes stable and staggering. At one point I even saw spidery writing and could clearly read what I wrote. Curious now as to how far I can take this. Next step lucidity most nights and then meditation, guides, journeys and healing through the subconscious and Akashic Records!

Apr 10 2016: Frozen Screens

Dream: In front of me I see multiple frozen screens offset from each other, like in an array of 3 or 4 by 3. They are all frozen in time and multi-coloured. Each screen shows a different scene, one or two cartoons, others of landscapes and cities, historical, perhaps one or two exotic or futuristic. At the time these looked clear and there were also many patterns and shapes and I can see much geometry. I do not remember entering any this time and the clarity of perception vanished when I woke up (7-8 am).

My Interpretation: This is one of several dreams of portals or screens. This is sometimes seen as a liquid pulsing patchwork or tunnel wormholes shooting off in different directions with the ends seen clearly.

April 13 2016: Mimic Spaceship and Mirror Focus

Dream 1: In front of me I see a spaceship that is flying through space heading towards a docking station. It is the only thing I see. Everything looks black and white and yet the details are so clear. I see features on the compact oval ship as it approaches drunkenly a docking strip/platform which is suspended in space. Then after a few moments I see its shape morph and change from a compact oval shell, with nobly details that is clumsily moving in all directions, confused by the ‘barrier’ of the platform, and it cannot manoeuvre there. I then see it change into other shapes like a transformer (some shapes long think, others taller) and then a chunky robot before going back to its original shape as it bangs and crashes against the metallic grey white surface. I’m positioned in a static place slightly above and left about 20 metres away from it (7-8 am).

Dream 2: I am sat there looking at a mirror and in front of my eyes I capture the essence of reality and realize that I can fix the object of my refection in my reflection and change it internally so it reflects externally. With enough concentration and focus and releasing all thought the whole world situation as well as my life can be transformed with the help and assistance of the energies and forces of the universe. This is like being able to edit reality or some aspect of it by using a canvas or reflection and then conferring the improvements to a manifested physical reality. I woke up visualizing the world improving and healing it. This felt right and a great gift of knowledge to have (12-1 pm)

My Interpretation: First dream is about positioning and change and stabilizing self when obstacles appear and new platforms come. Second dream is about focus and concentration and achieving my dreams and desires. It is also reflection as focus to enact change or coming into my own power to link with everything and alter the energies flowing into reality (emptiness into form).

Apr 15 2016: Ear Visions

Hypnagogia: Overnight when going to sleep and when woken up by stomach and ear and I saw various aura colours (green, blue, red, violet, etc.), geometry patterns and also symbols of different colours like colour glyphs and shapes. I then saw shapes rotating in white-yellow astral space. These appear when focus inward and not driven by my imagination. Also I saw mechanical objects knocking into each other and calming themselves down, with my intention, and ear pattern changed and reduced in conjunction with massaging around the ear and pumping Star Magic codes into myself holographic template (hard to focus on) (about 7:30 am for 2.5 hours).

My Interpretation: Ear visions are reflections on my idea to use a telekinetic technique to stop ear noises. It appears as a release valve operating on lymphatic system to stop fluid build-up and nervous system so the reaction does not trigger. Let myself be pure energy flowing and experiencing whatever happening whether normally perceived as good, bad or indifferent. This is true renunciation as what I wish for the universe answers. It is total surrender not in parts.

Apr 20 2016: Atlantis Sacred Plan

Dream: I’m inside a room, and in front of me on a table is a book opening up to a hand drawn chart on the right page. This is like a map of an island. The page on the right is showing several little circles of key sites or points vertically down and realise it is an island with sites relating to pyramids and geometry. I see other features and the shape of an island and there are one or two others around me. Feel drawn to go there and more details appear around the areas showing elevation and the pattern of circles is offset with some a little to left or right and some closer together than others (10-11 am).

My Interpretation: Looks familiar like chakras running down the land. Feels like visiting and clues to ancient past. It vaguely resembles illustrations of the island of Atlantis (connected with Thoth and Stargate). Machu Picchu actually came to mind when I woke up (site of power in Peru).

Apr 23 2016: Nested Fractal Birds & Craft Room Confusion

Dream: I’m with a large group of students either high school or college age, boys and girls. We are led out of a building and around the grounds outside. See nests with chicks and ugly skeletal birds with mix of feathers and scales. Most are brown or grey and are about a foot or so tall, with the younger ones half that size. I walk over to one nest and start feeding and playing with 2 or 3 of the chicks. They cuddle up to me on the tinder nest and look lifelike to the details of the structures of their knobbly long necks, bald heads, and chunky chicken-like bodies. None are flying and the wings are short and stubby like chickens too. I see more people go past and decide to walk off the see how others are doing. I see teenage boys and girls around other similar nests inset into banks of grass on uneven hills and around the edge of a building that goes on and on. Some boys and girls are kissing and cuddling around nests and others playing around them. I turn another corner and see what looks like the end and more people, another 10 or 20 nests. I walk through or float through (no recollection of walking) and the nests open up like a concertina dimension and there is another wall to my right. I must have gone right round but when I look I see more similar nests with birds and people around them. I have gone past hundreds by now and no end in sight (8-9am).

My Interpretation: Fractal nests from looking at fractal fields, creatures like from Spore but skeletal. I woke up with too much energy today. Resembles an Ibis like one seen in sacred geometry book later today. I looked at the Emerald tablets and Thoth relation to Atlantis (Stargate). My third eye ached when see a picture of Reptilian. On following day I received Green Tara Empowerment at a local NKT Buddhist centre.

April 28 2016: Zero Point Floating Awareness & Other World Wind

Dream 1: I’m a floating awareness in darkness drifting in the zero point field, that is like emptiness, and a surge of power of tapping into it and feeling the fluctuations. It was an upwards and downwards motion of energy I felt, saw and heard then become one with it and felt it soothing and caressing my formless essence. Then  realization dawns and I use feel it release blocks and tensions and understand I can dissolve out my body and in a slightly different body with fewer ear problems like a holographic template but without waking conscious intrusion. A more powerful and effective method (when combined with lucidity, love, light a most powerful healing experience). This dream felt real, weird and powerful (5-6 am).

Dream 2: I’m on another world and see myself as another man, younger, thinner with short brown hair. There are other people around me and we are told the air is becoming poisonous on this world. We are looking around in a large stuffy room and then I go outside and see that there is something close and claustrophobic to the air. It is already hard to breathe and I hear that the oxygen will run too low to breathe the next day. It is also getting hotter and hotter due to some form of greenhouse effect. I am sat at a table that is metallic and several feet long and wide rectangle. The wind is blowing harder and harder and there is a rock face to my left. I notice that the paperwork although blowing is not blown off the table and I do not feel the pressure of the wind on me in the way I used to. This happens for a while and feels very real at the time (6:30-7:30 am).

My Interpretation: Woke up with little or no ear discomfort or sounds (even ringing was almost gone). Like idea of repeatedly dissolving holographic template into emptiness and bringing out a cleaner, purer one (like crystal brain meditation). The wind element is Tara from the empowerment recently, dynamic realistic dreams and mixing nature with human activity.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda, and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extra-terrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyse change.

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With Love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Tim / Arcturus Avalokiteshvara