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Its ILLEGAL to Heal People Using Natural or Alternative Healing Tools by Jerry Sargeant

In this video Jerry shares an important message regarding Star Magic Healing and other natural healing tools and also alternative healing therapies, how great they are and also how the pharmaceutical industry are fearful of more and more natural healing remedies coming out into the public.

A countries GDP is measured partly by the amount of illness. The more Cancer a country has for example, the more its worth as more people need health care or need to visit the NHS in the UK, so doctors can prescribe more drugs, operations etc and make their money.

Illness is big business for big pharma. Energy healing and other natural healing modalities can work well and be used to heal people. They can also be used to work in with Western Medicine. We should, as a human species, be open and willing to explore what Mother Earth provides us with and she doesn’t provide us with multi-coloured pills in a plastic pot

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