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Cosmic Invitation and Light Body Merkaba Love Upgrade


This free guided meditation for deep healing is a cosmic invitation for everyone to unite, heal, transform, the earth and her children and receive a light body merkaba love upgrade. This powerful energy healing session and free guided meditation will open your heart, connect you to source, heal and cleanse your body and shift your consciousness into a galactic frequency band. I invite you and every other human being on this planet to join me at 3pm London time, to go through this process for a minimum 33 day period. When we all connect at once and do this meditation, we will move mountains, literally. we will unify, connect as one powerful vibrational frequency, with a focused intention and heal the planet and each other. In this mediation we receive assistance from the Andromedans, Pleiadians, Lady Nada and Mother Mary as well a little Earthly Lyran assistance. This is going to turbo charge your frequency. Please stay hydrated and share with as many people as you can.

I love you with my heart, and soul, and every fibre of my being. Accept the love and raise your frequency.



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