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The Link Between Spiritual Healing and Regular Physical Exercise

As the age-old saying says, we, humans, should ideally strive to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.

In this pursuit, more and more people have recently started to realize what a powerful enhancer spiritual healing is.

It’s because of the way spirituality can mend every piece, every fibre of your being.

In other words, it impregnates a purpose within all bodily and intellectual faculties. This time, I am going to talk about the way a spiritual routine compliments a regular physical workout.

Working out Instils the Discipline You Need in Your Spiritual Life

If there is something a regular workout regime teaches you, it is discipline.

If you don’t stick to a schedule, it’s highly likely you won’t get to the point where you’ll see tangible results. You skip a gym session once, you’re likely to skip it in two weeks’ time, then you may get real busy and skip it altogether.

It goes the same with a spiritual healing process, which implies steady practice of meditation techniques.

So if you manage to master a strong workout-based lifestyle, it will come easier for you to translate this rigour to your spiritual life, where goals and achievements can be more abstract concepts.

Habit Formation

In this world full of distractions, developing new habits – especially healthy ones – has become an actual challenge because it’s so easy to get distracted along your journey towards transformation.

But if you take on any form of physical exercise, you’ll manage to lay a solid foundation to forming new habits. The same can be said about spiritual practice – once you start integrating it into your life, it creates patterns which help you take on other beneficial habits.

Physical Exercise Provides Energy for Your Spiritual Work

Spiritual healing takes more energy than you’d think. When you focus on meditation, for instance, you channel all your efforts in an active way – which takes a lot of your energy resources.

So it’s frequent for those who use spiritual techniques to feel energy-drained after a while. Many give up just because of this drawback.

Backing up the spiritual ‘workout’ with a physical one is the best thing one can do to stay motivated and always ready for a new day of self-work.

physical exercise

Strength, Resilience, Focus

These three are all required when you have to make a change in your life and include spirituality in the process.

To take an example, let’s think of walking – the one kind of physical exercise almost anyone can do. It doesn’t require gym equipment or gear. What it forces you to do, though, is get accustomed with your own thoughts.

While walking, you can really use the occasion to listen to what your soul tells you. Undefined thoughts laying underneath the daily noise, undeveloped plans, career options you didn’t reflect upon enough.

These are aspects you can approach at the beginning and then add up meditation techniques, like mantras, to reconnect to your cosmic nature.

This way, you can create a healthy headspace wherein you cultivate focus and inner strength, while also fortifying your fitness level.

Spiritual Healing and Physical Exercise – a Resourceful, Life-Enhancing Combination

All in all, everything points out to the fact that being in great physical shape heals the organism and so a healed organism is able to better sustain spiritual healing.

It works the other way around, as well – when you’re healing spiritually, you can control your physical shape better.

If you want to reward yourself with the existence you deserve, you should really consider taking on one form of physical exercise which best fits your body type and fitness level.

And, just like you’d get a fitness trainer for maximising your potential, you should also collaborate with an energy healer to jumpstart your spiritual journey in the most optimal way. I am here, ready to love all your being and help you achieve new heights.