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Living off the Grid

Living off the grid is the great modern dream burning strongly in more and more people. Nothing is certain and by becoming more resourceful you also help your community in times of crisis. Living without utilities, internet, or fast food is a vision of heaven for some people and hell for others.

Leaving today’s toxic consumer society and consumption economy is tempting. Modern living can be difficult at times and more challenging lately than many have known. Many people globally are choosing to start living a new way of life that is off-grid.

Living off-grid is a growing trend and over 75,000 people are now living off-grid in the UK. Living off the grid is a lifestyle that some practice religiously. Others choose the aspects they are drawn to such as using solar panels to become self-sufficient in energy whilst using a mains water supply.

You too can live off the grid in the UK and experience a free and independent life. Living off the grid also means you save a lot of money in the long run. Mother Nature and your off-grid community will supply you with the resources and know-how to produce your own energy, heat, water, and food.

Living off-grid has many challenges. To you, it may appear that the transition to this new way of life looks difficult or impossible and many people globally have fully embraced off-grid lifestyles despite the difficulties.

What Is Like to Live Off-Grid?

Off the grid living means living on your own without being connected or dependent on urban infrastructures. You produce your own power, use your own water source, and maybe even grow your own food.

The term off-grid actually means disconnected from the national electrical grid. For others, the concept extends to a completely self-sufficient existence without reliance on any public utilities, including gas, internet, and water supply.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you choose to live off the grid. This way of living can be difficult at times. There is an initial investment to be made and hard work to be done to get everything up and running.

You will probably spend a lot or most of your time outside, in nature. You will be disconnected from urban life and infrastructure. You will need to produce your own power, have a water source and purify water if necessary, grow your own food, and manage your own waste and sewage.

You will need to be ready and know how to handle unexpected situations including bad weather. You will be the one fully responsible for the maintenance of your new off-grid home and surroundings.

You will need to be ready and comfortable with being on your own and with your family only. Friends can be far away, but you can still be in touch via off-grid Internet so you’re not entirely disconnected from the modern world.

Benefits of Living Off-Grid

Living ‘off-grid’ is a more sustainable lifestyle that appeals to many environment-conscious consumers. There are many benefits including freedom from utility bills, natural location and environment, self-sufficiency, and healthier life. Also, you can opt-out of consumerism and become completely independent.

You will start living healthy, away from pollution, noise, and stressful urban lifestyle. You will save a lot of money in the long run. The biggest savings are from having no rent and few bills to pay, generating your own energy, and growing your own food.

Living off-grid saves 90% of energy and water usage compared to normal homes. Having an off-grid lifestyle at home can save you over 50% on your utility bills.

You will start living in tune with nature, Mother Earth, and the environment. You will become more responsible for your environment, independent, and peaceful. You will gain a deep respect and connection with all of nature around you.

How to Live Off-Grid

Living off-grid is about becoming completely self-sufficient. It is escaping from many of the constraints of a modern lifestyle. It can also save you money in both the short and long term.

You will need to find different ways to supply the power and utilities you need. These are often more financially economical and eco-friendly.

Find Land to Settle

There are still areas where you can buy a parcel of land at a reasonable cost and not be overly hampered by planning restrictions. You will then be well placed to build your own self-sufficient eco-home from natural materials.

Energy Self Sufficiency

Be prepared to invest in solar panels, hi-tech batteries, and other devices for making yourself self-sufficient in electricity. There are some energy-saving schemes that can produce a significant income stream to cover your monthly finances. You can also earn a living if you can invent and build new technology or generate more energy than you need.

Communicate with Off-Grid People

It makes sense to join forces with like-minded souls and form a mini off-the-grid community. This makes your experience of living off-grid less lonely and daunting. It also makes practical day-to-day tasks such as child care and food production much easier to manage.

Find Your Own Water Supply

Make yourself independent of a mains water supply. Install large water tanks to catch rainfall or make use of water from local rivers and streams.

Grow Your Own Food

Forget that weekly shop at the supermarket and roll up your sleeves, start growing your own vegetables and crops. Then invest in a couple of cows and a few chickens. Then you will be well on the way to complete self-sufficiency on food.

Investigate Canal Boats

Living on a canal boat topped with solar panels is one of the simplest off-the-shelf options. Thousands of people in Britain do just that and canal boats have plenty of living spaces.

Lose the Spotless Loo and Shiny car

Build or use an outhouse with a composting loo that does not flush. This is far less wasteful of resources.

Ditch your expensive car and go cycling instead. Cycling also keeps you fit and it gives you a refreshing break from home.

Off-grid living is worth considering if you care about planet Earth and seek a challenge and a different pace to life. Living off-grid is likely to become easier and more popular now that our economy is uncertain and also with advances in eco-friendly technologies.


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