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Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

You can manifest your dreams into reality. To manifest who you desire requires intention, repetition and focus.

It is important to be focussed with a clear intention while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen. This helps to narrow down all the possible potential outcomes that otherwise exist simultaneously.

You manifest continuously in this reality. You are manifesting moment by moment. If you don’t like what you are manifesting then you have the opportunity to change what you manifest in your life.

Understanding Matter and Energy

Your senses perceive physical objects because your subconscious mind informs you that what you see is solid and real. Even emptiness or empty space has energy.

Scientists have discovered that everything that appears solid is actually moving and vibrating. Atoms are mostly empty space that vibrates. The nucleons and electrons rapidly dance and interact with the electrons of neighbouring atoms. This creates an electron pressure. That is what we feel as solid.

Matter is created from energy. Form is created from the formless. Before energy takes form an infinite number of potential outcomes and possibilities exist.

Thought and Emotion Create

Everything you sense begins as a thought. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that water changes its molecular structure in response to thought and emotion. Loving, kind, and joyful thoughts and emotions give rise to a more beautiful crystalline structure of water. Also other researchers have created physical technology for restructuring water to high vibrations.

Nothing happens by accident or out of the blue. Everything occurs in a carefully orchestrated way. You create your own experiences and synchronicities through the power of your thoughts and emotions. This is through a synthesis of your thoughts, emotions, words and actions in alignment with the universe.

You Manifest What You Desire

You have the ability to create whatever you desire at any moment. You choose what you desire to experience. You initiate and create all of your experiences, which include the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You connect with the astral realm with your thoughts and emotions. The astral realm is where unlimited possibilities and potentialities exist and where the formless takes form. You attract what you imagine. So it is important to be clear about what you desire.

It is important to dream big and allow yourself to explore all options. Thinking or dreaming small when you can dream big does not serve you. You are in charge of deciding how big or small your dreams are.

Formation in the Ether

Your original thought attracts other thoughts of similar vibration into the astral or quantum reality. A clear and focused thought travels through the astral realm into the etheric realm. The ether is where thoughts coalesce and transfer from the astral to the physical.

The etheric realm is closest to our physical 3D world. The ether facilitates the alchemy of mixing your emotion and will with your original thought. When an emotion such as love or joy is combined with a thought then the thought becomes a desire or a dream.

Your dreams and desires arise from your heart. Your heart is the most powerful manifesting organ in your body. The heart is a powerful energy centre and has its own bio-energetic field.

Feelings, passion, and desire become the vehicle for which you manifest your original thought. You manifest your desires faster with a pure emotion that is powerful such as unconditional love.

Resistance is Futile

Be in your flow to receive your desires physically and tangibly. If you are not in the state of flow then you are in the state of resistance. Resistance within you is often in the form of fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and low self-esteem. Let go of all resistance and just be.

When immersed in those low vibration feelings you are manifesting what you don’t want. The feeling of need resonates with lack which is of a low vibration that advertises craving and grasping. This is why things you don’t want keep on manifesting in your life. Remember that the universe brings you what you focus on and anything else that is in alignment with your vibration.

Be on the Court and Play

Relax and take a deep breath. Allow your thoughts of what you desire to coalesce. Then visualise yourself having already achieved that desire. It helps also to feel good and love yourself and your life.

Repeated visualization invokes your subconscious mind. If you dream of running a successful business see yourself conducting business successfully and confidently. If you desire a harmonious relationship with another person then love all people unconditionally and attract a partner who loves you too.

Don’t just watch from the stands. Be on the court and do real world actions to encourage your dream to manifest. Action helps you embody your manifestation thus making it more powerful. Love yourself, be certain, have faith, and know that you will achieve your dreams.  These will accelerate manifesting.

Take Guided Action

You will receive inspiration about the action to take. This may be from your guides, from within or from the universe. They may be a knowing, gut feeling, sign from the universe, or through synchronicity or flow in your life.

The key when inspiration comes from within you is to be on the court by taking guided action in the game of life. This shows the universe that you are interested and serious about your dream.

Life will start flowing more easily for you when you act on inspiration. You will align with your focused intentions, your desires and your dreams. No longer will you need or want things happen or experience what you don’t want.

Allow yourself to stay in the flow of being. Then everything happens more easily. Enjoy the ride and have fun. Then you manifest almost instantaneously what you desire. What you dream or desire also desires you.


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