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Meditation Heals Your Soul

The true healing power of meditation was known since ancient times. Meditation was known and practiced millennia ago at the dawn of civilisation. In this article, meditation is seen as a doorway to your soul, your spirit, and the invisible universe. Continue reading to discover how meditation helps you with healing your soul, mind, and body.

Meditation Heals Your Body

Meditation heals at all levels of your being.  It is the foundation upon which other techniques such as breathing and visualisation flourish.  Also, positive thinking, such as loving yourself and your body, in meditation, works wonders. This in turn will encourage your body to heal.

Avoiding negative thoughts and talking to your body in a positive way is important. This is the dialogue you have with your cells, muscles, bones, blood, etc. Every part of your body works seamlessly with every other part of your body. Your body is a miracle. It is also your vehicle for life on Earth. Your physical body is a synthesis of the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

With regular meditation and healing practice, you can even overcome physical limitations and unleash your true potential. Buddha Shakyamuni transcended reality through meditation on love and compassion coupled with the deep wisdom of the nature of reality. Also, some advanced meditators can hold their breath for many minutes underwater or increase their body temperature several degrees in cold climates.

Meditation Heals Your Mind

There are countless meditations to calm and soothe your mind. Just focussing on the sensation of the breath as it flows in and out of the tips of your nostrils will calm your mind of distracting thoughts. Or visualise each and every thought in a bubble of air rising like a balloon. Letting them go leaves you calm, still, and connected with reality.

Training your mind is like training a muscle. The more you train and stronger your muscle becomes. With regular daily meditation, you can focus single-pointedly on your breath. Or choose to focus for longer periods on a virtuous object such as love or compassion without distraction.

Your life is shaped by your cultural programming, experiences, and memories. These also chain you to what is safe and secure or lock you into negative thought trains. Become skilful in letting go of your thoughts and put the past into the past. Then from a blank canvas, you create your new reality and unleash it onto the world.

Meditation Heals Your Breath

Strengthening your breath with meditation and exercise will benefit your wellbeing, health, and fitness.  When you breathe deeply, life-giving air enters your lungs you have more oxygen for your body to function and more blood flows to your brain. Being conscious of your breath as you are breathing keeps you connected and grounded.

Deep breathing techniques such as those found in pranayama and also dragon breathing will improve your lung capacity and muscle fitness. Deep and fast breathing also strengthens your connection with your environment. This also increases the flow of oxygen and subtle life force energy through your chakras, channels, and meridians.

Meditation Heals Your Heart

When you meditate and feel divine love in your heart you are infusing your body with healing frequencies. These facilitate the release of stuck patterns, emotions, anxiety, and resentment. Letting go of emotional trauma frees up energy and clears your channels. This means that your capacity for light increases.

Visualise a hurricane. All your emotional turmoil is like the weather swirling in the vortex. Let go of your thoughts and emotions and be calm in the eye of the storm of your emotions. Then you will feel more energised, grounded, and focussed on life. Connect with ‘all that is’ with your heart and practice sending love and healing to others.

Meditation Heals Your Soul

Your soul and the souls of all living beings are of the same nature as The Creator. Your divine soul is a reflection, or facet of a multi-dimensional jewel, of The Creator. When you meditate and connect with The Universe, you will discover deeper truths about reality.

There is no separation between me, you, or them.  In fact, you are me and I am you. You will discover your divine mission. This will be aligned with our talents, skills, and resources during our short time on Earth.

As you heal from within your soul naturally channels purer healing rays. These rays of light and codes of light will heal, unlock, and activate more and more of your light body. Also, your light quotient, or capacity to contain and work with high frequencies of light, increases more and more.

Meditation Heals

You are healing yourself every time when you connect with your soul in meditation. Your healing guides are there to help you and everyone else heal. Be calm and centred in your heart and connected with source energy and the crystalline core of planet Earth. Then your intuition and their guidance will show you how to heal most effectively.

Listen to the advice of trusted healing guides and have a regular deep meditation practice including breathing and Qigong or Tai Chi exercises. Practice each day and you will feel more grounded, balanced, and connected with everyone and everything. This gives you the power and confidence to channel healing for other people, animals, the world, and the universe.


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