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Meditation Is the First Step Towards Understanding Your Mind

If you really take a moment to think about it, the human mind is in itself a universe. A scalable aggregate of starlight and potentialities. And when you add the other two dimensions – soul and spirit – it grows even more inscrutable.

That’s why understanding your mind may seem like a daunting prospect at first. But just like with any other thing which scares us initially, the attempt I’m talking about might be just what you need to unlock the richness of your mental endowment. 

I agree, it’s hard to encompass the immensity of a mind, but the least we can do is try to explore the possibility it offers. Because, indeed, we not only have the gift itself, but this gift also has a built-in set of means to interpret it.

Are you going to make good use of what the Universe is offering? You might want to answer this question after you read my words.

Tackling Anything on the Spot

When I talk about ‘understanding your mind’, I immediately associate this phrase with a single word – watchfulness.

understanding your mind

Being always alert to tackle any kind of external stimulus is one of the best ways to turn yourself into a fully self-aware entity capable of channelling the right energies towards the right pain points.

When you meditate, you get not just your brain, but your whole being to be ready and interpret any happening to your benefit. This way, no experience is left trailing. Meditation basically leaves no room for negativity to catch you off guard.

Control Your Thoughts, Don’t Block Them

I’m going to expand a bit more on this topic of ‘readiness’ because it leads to another aspect which helps when understanding your mind: control.

Being in control does not mean you are obsessed with getting everything your way. It’s rather an art and a hard-worked skill of knowing how to make sense of the world.

understanding your mind

For instance, let’s take a strong feeling. Pain. If you don’t practice meditation, you find yourself confronted with a myriad of thoughts you’re not prepared to make sense of. You don’t have the tool to channel them. And then, you lose control and everything seems contradictory.

Whereas with meditation, you are aware of your power and become a better emotional ‘manager’ of understanding your mind and its interactions with other systems and energies. It’s not that the pain disappears or is diminished, but it’s directed towards further growth because you already developed a routine of self-inquiry.

With constant meditation, you are practically igniting the light within to turn discomfort into growth opportunities. In other words, you become your own alchemist of personal change.

Understanding Your Mind Starts with Reaching Out

Yes, the topic of this article is you, essentially. That said, I have to mention it’s also about how you know to reach out to others – especially when you’re just starting on this road.

Seek for meditation communities to get into, connect with as many people as possible, learn about their struggles ask for their input. And, last but not least, keep in touch with a facilitator to make sure your efforts are maximised.

The human is a marvellous compound who needs the finest balance in order to work seamlessly. Is there a secret practice to attain that state of balance? Indeed, here is and it’s called One Love and I cannot wait for you to experience its transformative benefits.