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Mind Control

If we are to have a happy and fulfilling life it is very important that we have control over our own thoughts and feelings. In our hectic modern society this can be quite a challenge.

As we awaken from the long slumber of ignorance to our multi-faceted multi-dimensional nature we soon realise that we are expanding beyond limitation. So what holds us back?

Mind Control Culture

Since birth we are bombarded with messages from our parents, culture, and teachers. We are indoctrinated into many habits and behaviours as we grow into children and teenagers. These habits are shaped from the patterns and rules of the culture we live in plus any genetic / ancestral imprints. Until we wake up out of the sleep of ignorance, we are unaware of many of these patterns and rules.

Living within accepted social parameters locks us into the matrix and anything outside of this temporary normality is discouraged or outlawed. Thus we are encouraged to give away a lot of our power to those in control. These are the greedy power hungry few who play mind games and control the masses through media, financial, political and social structures.

The ‘battleground’ for our minds and hearts is internal not external.
It is an internal battle for control of our minds by the covert spread of key ideas (or memes). Even an idea has energy. Consider the very powerful idea of the existence of God as the universal creator of all things. This has gained momentum and spawned many religious and spiritual perspectives. Unfortunately the distinct idea that ‘each god is different and somehow inferior except for god of one specific religion is the one and only god’ has spawned lots of conflict and wars. Look at human history for examples of mass manipulation and mind control.

Our Thought Police

There are many activities and environments in our lives which steal our energy. The biggest thief of our energy is our own thinking. That chatterbox ‘monkey mind’ never stays quiet. It is full of stories, worries, and negative thoughts. We become overwhelmed with the weight of our imaginary burdens. Thoughts run around like hamsters on wheels. This is reflected in the repeating patterns and experiences of our lives. The result is anxiety and depression about the past and future, running out of time or money, etc.

Install your own thought police and watch out for any negative thought or temptation. Trace it back to its source. We must all be more aware of our own habits and conditioning.

Most addictions begin as thoughts tempting you to engage in frivolous and lazy activities. These activities include playing computer games, watching TV, or engaging in gossip. Our ego feels safe in these activities. This encourages us to buy into a safe, lazy life. We are not living life and also not utilising our great potential to ‘rock the boat’ and offer alternatives to the mainstream.

Clearing Your Thoughts

When you focus on your thoughts and feed them with energy they become like fast locomotives spawning other thoughts and interfering with your clarity and focus. Too many trains of thought will derail you into feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed with life.

Observe the mental chatter in your mind. Sense your thoughts and their origin and what is just noise and static from your environment. Sense any energy you pick up from your environment and sense if it is energy you want. You can set your intention to filter out what does not serve you. This also helps you identify discordant notes from any interfering energies or entities that are trying to influence you.

Try the following to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts:

  • Meditate on the feeling of pure love in your heart or on the clarity and stillness seated in your third eye.
  • Practice mindfulness and alertness so you are present in the moment.
  • Watch each thought as it arises and let it go like bubbles rising in the calm ocean of your mind.
  • Filter your thoughts so any positive ones appear or focused thoughts on an activity in the present.
  • Let go of the patterns behind your destructive thoughts and replace them with happy thoughts or no thoughts at all.

Remember we are not our thoughts or our minds. We are pure souls experiencing the human perception. Let go and be.

Meditating is excellent for keeping your mind on a leash and will find powerful meditations and essential ascension tools in the Star Magic Meditation Library.