guided meditation

Money, Health, Relationships – Could All Be Enhanced by Guided Meditation?

The driving force behind our day-to-day efforts is acquiring wealth, prosperity and peace of mind. We seek for creating a functional balance between money, health and human relationships.

Can a guided meditation take all three elements and fuse them into the desired synergy we’re pursuing all life long?

The answer is “yes” – and I will tell you why.

It’s all about energy.

Money is energy, health enables energy and human relationships feed off of energy.

But more than that, YOU are energy and I take a strong vow to help you sense this to the fullest.

guided meditation

Connect to the Flow of Universal Abundance

Abundance and prosperity should not be on a wish list you struggle to complete. They are a given – it’s only that human beings have forgotten to cultivate genuine self-talk and connection to the unseen.

More often than not, we’re blindly following the patterns cultural heritage has imposed on us.

No wonder we’re losing track and sense of what our lives should actually mean – a constant journey towards aligning with the cosmic flow of energy.

After all, it’s pretty straightforward to understand: once your being is part of the cosmic rhythm, it will start capturing the right patterns.

Money – the Wealth Factor

A common misconception is that people who are cultivating their spiritual side should not aspire to financial prosperity.

In mundane terms, money is a benefit you get as a result of working in the right context. This does not dissuade your spirit from staying in touch with the spiritual reality.

On the contrary.

Financial stability only enables the energy flow.

We’re not talking about obnoxious fortunes. We’re talking about not having any restraint in claiming the value you think you deserve.

It is YOU who sets this standard. It is YOU who knows your own worth.


Testimonies describing the health benefits of guided meditation are not to be overlooked.

The whole process is enabled by your unabridged faith in the facilitator guiding you.

Once you let them act, they’ll be able to unite your physical energy flow to the spiritual one.

Human Relationships

Once you’re connected to the right vibration, money starts flowing in. But money would obviously not be enough without a meaning.

The meaning is conveyed by the human interactions you’re able to nurture.

You are energy, love and power. So are the people surrounding you.

If you open your being to capturing the beautiful energies of every other living presence, you’ll enrich your own.

Getting your energy aligned with the wealth frequency also enables other people to be drawn to you.

guided meditation

Why Guided Meditation

While all three pillars of a fulfilling life can be attained – to some extent – by self-performed meditation, only a guided meditation will let your spirit completely free itself from any burden.

I’ve learned this throughout my experience with Star Magic Healing. Having been in contact with hundreds of healed souls, I was able to create an Infinite Abundance Meditation kit addressing all three main paths we take towards achieving wellness and peace. Thus, it is divided into 3 sections:

  • The Money Factor (25 minutes)
  • Health Frequency (17 minutes)
  • Relationship Activator (17 minutes)

The end result: more freedom, fewer fears, One Love. Take the courage to love, to be loved and to reach heights you’ve never deemed possible. I am always by your side.