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Star Magic Healing – My Magical Experience

I was still looking for ways to help me get over my fear of speaking to people when I found this article about star magic healing on one of my social media sites about this guy who helped this friend of his walk out of hospital in 12 weeks when her diagnosis had been that she may never walk again after a horrific accident.

I was immediately intrigued and decided to test out this service for myself.

A Star Magic Healing Session

When I spoke with Jerry on Skype just before my session, he asked me what it is about speaking to people that scares me? What exactly are my symptoms?

I’ve had a lifelong battle with social anxiety and had been searching for more answers for a long while.

I could sing on stage and sit comfortably amongst people because I could separate myself from the fear of judgement.  But when it came to talking to some people, the hornets nest of self doubt and self wrath continually came up.

Ninindi Singer Songwriter is a Star Magic Healer

So I booked a Star Magic Healing and this is the email Jerry sent me after:

‘Yesterday’s healing worked on 6 different realities where you were not heard properly and didn’t speak your truth.

The patterns in these lives held strong karmic conditioning over you. I released them all. They were very heavy.

These caused a lot of indecision and fear. Hesitation.  This was definitely playing a part in your not moving forward.

You were also beaten down verbally and physically on occasion’s in those previous lives/parallel realities.

I feel you have been beaten down in a sense in this life too.

And your soul is so powerful. When you shine its going to be brighter than you can imagine.’

A Shift in My Experience with Star Magic Healing

As you can imagine I was so relieved when I read this, and felt like someone had gotten to the core of my issues, had gotten me.

Having experienced this remote healing, I either wanted to bring Jerry to Australia to me (for a weekend workshop), or I was going to him.

I chose to go to him.

A Trip to England for Star Magic Healing Facilitator Training

Ninindi in England for Star Magic Healing Facilitator Training

So I got myself ready for a flight to England for the next Star Magic Healing Facilitator Training to be held in Church Stretton.

When I arrived in Church Stretton the first person I meet from the course is a woman from Ireland with a beautiful personality and talks easily, and I feel immediately comfortable.

The magic begins that same night where twenty-two of us gather together in the hall and get right into meditation guided by Jerry.  It is fantastic being in a space with other like-minded people to raise the energy to dynamically high proportions.

The next morning we get right into the heart of Star Magic Healing, which I can say right now, raises the bar of many healing modalities I’ve encountered before.

We would listen to Jerry describe a healing technique, then spend 5 to 10 minutes playing with each tool on other participants.  Interspersed with energising meditations where I also was invited to sing at times.

Over three days, our pages filled with Star Magic Healing techniques as a guide to our practice, the energy was so high by our combined energetics and focused intent, I almost thought we might see a black ops helicopter fly over us, or we might cause the electricity to black out.

Star Magic is a Fun, Practical and Etheric Healing Tool

Star Magic Healing is Child's Play to me

Star Magic Healing is like child’s play.  For me at least.  I love the ease and fluidity of it compared to the rigorous exercises employed by other healing methods.  And it effectively taps into the subconscious and the superconscious mind of all things.

As I left England back for home, I was high as a kite with all these possibilities to explore.  I was constantly using Star Magic on myself. And when I came back home to the reality of six children, I had to take a step back, recover from jet lag, and begin to implement Star Magic into my daily life.

Now I’m here for you to get your life on track.  Feel the ease in your life when you start releasing all the ties to trauma and unaddressed emotions.

Get on board with energised healing and I assure you, you will feel the results.

From one Star being to another, let your light shine bright my brother or sister of the Universe.