My Experiences of Star Magic

Star Magic has changed my life and helped me pierce the veils of many illusions as well as assisting me with breaking out of the matrix of perception deception and ego-greed. There comes a time in my life when I say ‘enough is enough!’ and decide to follow new paths into the unknown, the unborn (un-manifest), and the eternal beyond any limitations of time and space. It has opened doorways for me that go well beyond healing and more into the realms of pure magic and wizardry. I have awakened to the true nature of reality and am now using Star Magic with the golden-white healing energy of the Mahatma (Avatar of Synthesis), diamond light, source energy, and healing energies of enlightened extra-terrestrials, elementals, and high-light ascended masters.

Stockport Fair

My experiences of Star Magic began last autumn when I visited a Mind Body and Spirit fair in Stockport on Sunday 6th September 2015. I was originally going to just the Saturday and then decided to go again on the Sunday. I arrived later than intended and wanted to spend more time there without really knowing why so cancelled my other appointment that afternoon.

I was sat at the front from a previous talk when Jerry Sargeant stepped in to deliver his Star Magic talk. Despite feeling sceptical at first, I quickly warmed to his positive energy and enthusiasm. Everything resonated with me and I wanted to find out more. So I visited his stall and decided to go for the ‘Into the Light’ workshop at Alderley Edge in December even though I was unsure if I could get a train there. I paid the offer price to his assistant. I didn’t even speak to Jerry himself at the stall as I felt the energy between him and the German shepherd dog he was connecting with unconditional love. My heart told me all I needed to know.

Alderley Edge Workshop

I went to the workshop at Alderley Edge last year on December 12 and 13 after experiencing life some changing events in the two months between. I also experienced many obstacles to my health on the night before the first day including loud random left ear thumping that keep me up with little sleep, exhaustion, and a prickly ill feeling. Also, I saw a thin haze or change in air appearance in the flat, a light bulb blew in the living room, a Pagan Egyptian poster fell down, and the smoke alarm for the block of flats went off several times after I left (a neighbour told me this). Also, I saw the measurement of time on the clock turn 08:08:08 at the train station when I looked randomly at it. I was so glad to power through the challenges presented to me.

Both days were truly transformational. Jerry led several one to two hour meditations including many imaginative journeys. On day 1, we became unicorns, ravens, and other creatures; and received group healing from Jerry. I even stood up and sway-danced like water to a track and hummed OM in tune with a deep toning CD. By the end of day two I was having life transforming experiences. I saw Ganesh emanate as an etheric coloured elephant face, waving around and shimmering like a hologram, for many minutes from the speakers whilst Jerry played his mantra to some especially composed music. Jerry identified me as a starseed from Arcturus which I checked online later and it all tallies up with the pattern and events of my life.

A three to four foot tall blue-green being of light is a healing and teaching spirit guide for me. I found the spaceship I saw in the meditation mesmerizing with neon primary colours and a spherical appearance with curved windows and crystal dial (operator hovering a few feet away). Opposite myself I saw two of them operate with laser light healing my body in exploded view scaled in sectional dimensions (2D slices of 3D animations per minute slice played as a flick book). I saw this hologram explode out and zoom in and out of my arm and leg seeing more and more physiological and microscopic structure and pure healing light energy. I even had a week of detoxification afterwards where I could not eat anything unhealthy, was violently sick many times and felt feverish. This also led to me giving up smoking.

Facilitator Training

With anticipation, I looked forward to the 5 day facilitator course on 22-26 February 2016, and what an interesting experience it has turned out to be. The Star Magic training was based at Eaton Manor, a beautiful location at Church Stretton with lovely accommodation and a large meeting room with 20 or so like-minded people. Highlights include the delicious raw vegan food, bonding with a group of fantastic people, walking up a steep hill as a group in a forest at night to lie on the field illuminated by stars above, visiting the local church at night to sing and share, and the various energies felt during the week. We also and sat around a fire on a couple of evenings.

During the course of the five days we learnt a myriad of healing techniques, we went deep into meditation many times over, and explored our psychic abilities. This practical hands-on training covered a unique combination of empowering energy exercises and healing techniques. These include deep belly breathing to circulate oxygen and chi, dropping down into my heart space and feeling universal love, and working with my healing team of guides and angels. I also learnt how to channel pure cosmic light to activate my nervous system and power up my Merkaba using the star constellations. Facilitators focus their attention at their hearts not their heads. Healing methods include cleansing pyramids of pure white light, clearing blockages in chakras, deep cellular healing, the removal of energy chords, shadow parasite removal, and past life and ancestral cleansing by entangling parallel realities. The possibilities are endless. We played around with the multi-dimensional information presented to us in various individual and group exercise the hone our psychic and energy healing abilities.

Towards the end of the week we received Star Magic T-Shirts, had photographs taken professionally, received certificates, and I gave a short review of the week on video. Jerry also gave me a rose quartz pyramid which had been sat with a myriad of crystals and wands under a large copper pyramid brimming with celestial, Divine and angelic energy. Many things happened on these days to various people and I felt a changed person afterwards. I also made many new friends and learnt to accept and love myself and not to expect things to happen. Over the weeks and months afterwards I felt many shifts and ascension waves.

Life Changes

In the process of the last few months I have lost 3.5 stone (from over 15 stone to around 11.5 stone) of weight without thinking about it.  Most of this was lost between December and March. Now I am changing my life for the better with Jerry’s fantastic University of Maximum Life coaching course. This is a unique 52 week audio course which builds up week by week into a comprehensive toolkit of techniques to use to become the best I can be in health, money, business, relationships and spiritual activities. I have also shared with many people online and am in the process of starting my own spiritual marketing and soul technology evolution business, including channeled writing and experimental photography, called Avatar of Synthesis.

I have also noticed a rapid increase in the presentation and assimilation of information via my higher-self network as downloads accelerate and realisations multiply. Sometimes I’m at a nexus point or singularity and all these overlapping dimensions appear, especially in the dark in meditation or the twilight zone between waking and sleeping. I have also had many other spiritual experiences, as well as seeing multi-dimensional blueprints of advanced technologies and being with committees of luminous beings of light who usually glowing blue, green, or purple and linked together in groups of twelve. I have also been shown many other worlds and parallel realities in meditations, visions and dreams. I am keyed into all the ascension changes and receive downloads and feel energies from just about everything now. It feels like I’m living in physical reality and expanded consciousness at the same time. My sensitivity has increased tremendously and I have experienced true emotion, and enhanced senses as well as increased cognition.

Star Magic amplifies and accelerates the ascension process and brings everything together for the completely open minded. Most importantly my heart chakra has expanded greatly and a sense of peace and calmness resides with increased feelings, knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes it feels like a vast amount of energetic information may come through in say an hour which would take years to put down on paper or several movies worth. The content and detail are so vast as to overload the rational logical mind but makes sense when placed at my heart (not thinking), shared with crystals, and linked to the Akashic records for later retrieval. I also transmit information via the network of light beings to those who can use it for the greater good whether artistic, cultural or scientific knowledge, via the etheric 5D earth grid and Arcturian network of etheric crystals. Channeled light networks also allow me to entangle and influence the ascension when aligned with my multi-dimensional selves who have the power and wisdom to do this.

Potential of Star Magic

Star Magic unlocks not just the matrix of this reality and those of the fourth dimensional reflections (hells, fictional conflicts, and astral sub realms) but the many tiers and levels of veils and delusions created by our own perceptions and those of others which influence us. This includes illusions such as the false ascension matrix, the misconception about rebirth and free will, and programming from the darker aspects of our being such as our anger, jealousy, pride, and selfishness. Star Magic assists us with healing all levels of our being as well as through each and every variation and fractal iteration of the rabbit hole of multi-dimensionality.

Let go of everything and bring the result into the path. The result is a state of innocent purity, unconditional love and universal compassion with the wisdom of a Buddha. Or whatever you desire in whichever flavour that works for you for the higher good of the divine. Wish for the complete liberation of humanity and all living beings suffering from the perpetual cycle of uncontrolled incarnation tripped by amnesia and karmic programming. This is samsara, the ‘real matrix’, one of the layers of deception beyond the so-called matrix of control on this earth in this era. Connect with the highest version of self, the one who has experienced nirvana and become them in meditation whilst receiving cosmic healing on all levels of your being.

Star Magic for Spiritual Catalysts

Healing starts at the heart with a feeling of unconditional love. Meditate on clarity and stillness at your heart mixed with equanimity and unconditional love for all living beings. Connect with your higher self, visualise your divine blueprint and allow Star Magic to flow. Healing occurs through the astral and ethers. Our physical body is entangled with our divine holographic blueprint so that the healing we facilitate affects all levels of our being, including our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

I tune into the frequency of a client and feel the energy patterns, chords, chains, and ties that are attached between them, other people, and phenomena. The real power comes from the higher dimensional beings of light who know how to unlock the codes and tailor the healing for each client. I have a personal team of ascended masters, angels, extra-terrestrials, and divine energies that work through me for each and every healing. Let go and allow the healing to happen.

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