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Reflecting on When We Die and the Afterlife

What Happens When We Die

When we die our experiences are flashed back in a life review, and then uploaded and integrated with our higher selves and the universal consciousness. This is like uploading information to the internet (the cloud) only that it is stored in the much more sophisticated multi-dimensional Akashic records. The life review is the mind’s way of clearing our life and preparing our soul for the next phase of existence. When we die our essence (very subtle mind or soul) then ascends to the subtle realms. We then have control over our destiny and can choose to stay in the spirit realms, become a guide for others or decide to be reborn to complete a mission and to help others directly.

If our imprint of latent thoughts, indicated chiefly by our mind at the time of death, are fearful than a nightmare scenario may unfold. These are reflections of our own mind generating experiential or dream-like appearances that we grasp onto and think are real, even though we have left the physical body, in much the same way that we normally believe our dream world to be real when we are dreaming. This is where karma may kick in and trigger a new physical rebirth without memory of a previous life. This kind of uncontrolled rebirth is part of cyclic existence (also known as samsara). It is also common in this case for the subtle mind, or soul in transition, to let go of such pain and completely lose memory of their past life quickly.

Soul Transfer and Simultaneous Time

Meditation helps us to access the more subtle states of mind, and of reality, and prepare us to identify and process the signs of transference when we die. If the mind has been trained through meditation and other techniques then a more pleasant experience is likely to unfold. This can take the form of unfolding lights, white light tunnel, divine imagery, and other souls may appear to help. In all but the most extreme cases there are many layers and chances of transference of the soul into the spiritual realities (spirit realms) through the intermediate state after death.  The trick is training the soul awareness to notice, choose, and navigate wisely for the next incarnation and life mission, or remain in the spirit realms to wait for a suitable rebirth or evolve for a while without the need for physical rebirth.

On earth, time is a linear reflection and consequence of change. This creates a sequence of events and experiences of life. Outside of physical reality time is a simultaneous flow of information running instantly and eternally in the moment. From this perspective each incarnation happens in the same moment. Imagine our timelines contracting and layering on each other like slices of toast. Each is like a file which can be accessed by the right causes and conditions although many of these are normally hidden from the linear experiences of people living in physical reality. Experiences of past incarnations are more easily accessed in the stream of consciousness connected to our soul and soul group, and are normally accessed in times of crisis or through regular spiritual practice.

Emanations of Source Energy

We are reflections or emanations of source energy linked to the oneness of source energy, stepped down to lower energies, like a step-down transformer in physics converts higher energies to lowers ones for safe power consumption, suitable for incarnation in physical bodies. We are pure souls, or higher spiritual beings, experiencing life in temporary physical bodies. Once a soul has finished and realised pure perfection there is no need for reincarnation. We can choose to reincarnate to help other souls or catalyse social and spiritual development of a whole species.

When spiritually attuned and evolving, our highest self assists us. When we die we realise we are souls in the intermediate state, we choose our next life/lives through looking at all existence and choosing specific challenges for us to experience and grow. A soul group plays a game, such as running an avatar in the Sims, and we can be seen as an actor living the character of the movie of life. Each soul, under advisement, chooses a set of parents and lives a new life. In many cases, perhaps the majority, there is no recollection of this process and it appears we are thrown into our next life purely by our karma in an uncontrolled and traumatic way.

Our aura and subtle energy body indicate the extent of the spread of information (wave function) extending around us. The most likely position is where we are now and expanding infinitely in all direction are vanishingly small potentials (probabilities) that may be influenced by the mind’s intention (will). Since we are essentially a copy of source awareness as well as each other it is possible to alter the energy so as to resonate with others. We are influenced by nature and nurture so a process of purification of our clouds of illusion and karmic imprints plays out for us to become fully aware. Then we can link once again with our inner (higher) self, integrate all soul fragments and become more aware and connected with higher quantum spiritual energies.

Deflating the Ego & Living in the Moment

Our identity or ego, the I that we hold dear does not exist except by name in dependence upon changing causes and conditions. By cherishing our ego it develops into a personality and our thoughts and emotions work our karma into a lifetime of new possibilities. If we cling onto this too strongly, our mind develops belief in the illusion of this physical existence being all there is. It becomes enmeshed or attached to the trappings of life and struggles to cope with letting go of people and possessions. This creates problems in life and at the time of death. If we fail to let everything go we find death traumatic and imprints of past actions cause us to experience an uncontrolled period of transition. Also, the ego and everything of this life dissolves at death and any memories through the transition, intermediate state and subtle realms are echoes and reflections.

Thus, it is vital that we live life in the moment, do regular meditation, have a regular spiritual practice, and live in harmony with nature and the other living beings around us. Particular emphasis is on our soul mission. This is described in our soul contracts before birth reflecting some or all of the karma that needs clearing and evolvement through infusing and enriching our physical lifestyle with spiritual understanding. If we get things wrong it is our best practice to accept, learn and move on. Living in the moment helps as does maintaining a calm patient and flexible mind. When we help others, do things for the greater good and live according to our soul’s plan, or purpose, it helps to advance and enrich all of humanity and the living cosmos and spirit realms beyond.

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