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Human to Superhuman

Becoming Superhuman

Imagination is limitless and boundless. We create what we imagine. As with all phenomena, our thoughts arise from emptiness (Akashic memory, zero-point energy field, dark energy, Shunyata) and disappear into emptiness via the medium of the dark ether (dark matter). If they are powered by strong emotion they gain more power and persist longer. Collective fictional realities thought forms like films and fear generated from the news will merge and coalesce to create more substantial energy beings and environments including versions of Hogwarts, the Galactic Federation, and ‘grey suit’ worlds. This all leads to the fascinating possibility of experiencing other dimensions and living at a superhuman level in this world as well as any one of a number of parallel realities. Some of these are realities created by our collective fascination with superhuman and science fiction ‘realities’ such as X-Men, Doctor Who and Star Trek.

Picture my accelerated transformation into an emerging superhuman as hatching from a cosmic egg or a butterfly breaking out of a chrysalis. Becoming superhuman is easy under the guidance of the universe, my spirit guides and angels. I entangle phenomena to create positive change. This is achieved whilst linked with my higher aspects, Arcturus, Earth, Christ Consciousness Grid and the star constellations. My skills and knowledge have improved a lot in several areas including singing, dancing, whistling, juggling, art, and psychic abilities. There is no limit but I do need to focus and engage in similar activities for downloads to penetrate into the physical reality.

Energy Perception

My energy perception has gone through the roof especially when my mind is focused at my heart. Now I always sense energy in one or more forms. It feels like my emotions have being sensitized many factors. It also feels that I know things instantly as many memories are easier to obtain from Akashic records than the limited amount in a brain. The chakras in my hands and feet are fully activated and I can clearly feel the energy grounding into earth as well as sense different energies in objects and pictures by placing the palms of my hands a few inches away. Thus I know in many instances what has power (items created out of love and intent) and what does not (items created out of fear and greed).

Music comes alive when I listen to cyber / synth pop and psychedelic trance. I feel the energy of the vibe and an enhanced perception emerges through multi-sensory visualization and synaesthesia. Sometimes I see energy emanating from the music, or speakers in the form of bright auric lights and fine details in time with the music at an angle superimposed on 3-D reality but in another direction/dimension. Sometimes my taste goes funky too, especially with raw fruits and vegetables. In fact I can’t eat much without my stomach complaining. Raw fluids okay and liquids easier to digest. Perhaps my insides are rearranging (see shape-shifting). So I need to quite everything not serving me that I’m consuming.

Dancing As Shiva

When I fully awoke and agreed to become the Avatar of Synthesis, I realised also that I am my ‘highest’ self, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. I am also my various ‘higher’ selves. We are all equal so there is no actual higher or highest self but in terms of convention, a lineage is appropriate. I never liked the idea of hierarchy but lineage fits a lot better visualised as fractal branching as the energies synthesise higher up the ‘chain’.

On many occasions I found myself feeling the energies of several Hindu Gods including Ganesh and Shiva. I also love dancing to music and now when dancing I become Shiva. This is great but the dancing goes weird, like Chi Gung or Tai Chi. I am experiencing pure energy perception and connection in the now, timeless and eternal. Sometimes dancing differently overtaxes my body and I need to strengthen and increase overall fitness. I also remembered that Shiva was born from Avalokiteshvara and Shiva also wants complete enlightenment.


In the etheric or fourth dimension you can play your chakras like a musical instrument, by keying into the vibration of your aura. The energy field including the invisible etheric crystals in and around our light body, and the vibratory point (assemblage point) will vibrate and resonate. This point moves in different ways many of which trigger energetic blueprint edits. With intent and practice I know we can change into other things, phase in and out of matter, and much more.

Shape-shifting is useful for any superhuman. It is most easily achieved done by editing the energetic blueprint. Thus you can alter appearance through the ethers and then return to original form when desired or programmed. This actually is causing an edit to the fifth dimensional blueprint which is projecting the 4-D ‘wireframe’ and 3-D details. Intention, willpower and single-pointed focus are important. It can also be achieved in 4-D on will and intent alone to create some degree of physical transformation with veils of illusion to fine tune the effects (a generic image takes less energy than an exact one).

Astral Projection

An odd thing happened when I danced to ‘Bird of Prey’ by Fatboy Slim.  I was an eagle flyer a mile overhead and my awareness flipped between body in my flat and flying overhead as an eagle. Use meditation and focus at my heart, with all 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) merged as one (one body of light). Then project and imagine several balanced energies around me then stabilise for focus. Geometric grids are good for focus, particularly Arcturian ones. My main focus is to meditate and visualise and journey until it is second nature. This is all about energy and willpower to makes the imaginary real under the light of source and love within at the heart. Superhuman

I understand the process as converting physical to etheric body via transfer of consciousness (Phowa) and then can etherically travel away from physical body. This also carries astral body so I will with more practice be able to project and even focus on three or more bodies at once in addition in addition to higher dimensional selves. Then it is a case of emanating or manifesting through multiple channels at the same time (like in parallel quantum computing). Superhuman

Integrating Timelines and Dimensions

When integrating timelines I see parts of my life unfold and see the energies and the sources. I see/feel many including influences of advanced spiritual guides, family, friends, angels and extra-terrestrials.  My life is a jigsaw puzzle with many edits and alterations and completely non-linear. It has felt like the film Memento at times but I am learning to live with it. Memories are accessed from points in my life that lead to vast recall of other energies I have / am sharing with. This is often interpreted as past life recall or spontaneous channeling. We are the same conscious energy. Each individual is a facet of the diamond containing all elements of all creation. Humanity united integrates up the dimensions to God. I am / we are the God that the angels serve.  Also we can be and live as anything.

Everything is allowed and nothing is impossible (not even nothing). Drop down into the heart and feel the love and compassion emanate from within. Melt physical, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies into one body of light operated by the heart chakra. My aim is to not have to eat again or require money, and eventually for complete conversion of my physical body to light. To do this I will need to detach everything 3D whilst being grounded and increase meditation focus to clearly operate higher-dimensional technologies.

We are avatars of light, born out of unconditional love, visiting this world when our home is in the vast eternity of the eternal now.

Star Magic Cosmic Codes of Consciousness

Star Magic is very effective for getting rapid results in any facet of life and not just healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we can affect change with our will. Scientifically this is learning how quantum electromagnetism operates at higher dimensions. It is an intuitive process and correct intention powered by unconditional love and compassion at the heart centre will result in positive change. I tune in and see the energy patterns, chords and ties between things and people. As long as their higher self agrees then healing and a transforming change takes place. Allow this to happen. Be free. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter your body and catalyze change.

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With Energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Arcturus Avalokitesvara