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Before the industrial age many people saw devas, elementals, mermaids, dryads, fairies, elves, gnomes and many other nature spirits.
With the advent of the industrial revolution we stopped believing in nature spirits and supernatural beings often dismissing them as myth and folklore.


Nature Spirits, including devas and elementals, are the guardians of Mother Earth. They include fairies, gnomes, goblins, dryads, mermaids, pixies, elves and others. Nature spirits deliver fun, play, creation and laughter into our physical world.

Devas are nature spirits working with the elemental forces and energies of the earth. They work with the structure and formation of the planet and energetic manifestation as the laws of nature.

Devas are normally invisible to the human eye. They belong to the angelic kingdom and are in direct service to the earth through one or more of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water). They are seen or felt with our inner senses.

Nature Spirits exist in a different dimension that is aligned with ours.  They travel freely into our dimension as and when they choose to. Nature spirits are easier to communicate with in spring and autumn, and also around dusk and dawn.

Nature spirits have etheric bodies that resemble human or animal templates. They exist in the etheric realm or dimension that interpenetrates ours and the angelic realms.

Devas are spiritual beings and are the architects of the nature kingdom.  Devas are the more highly evolved nature spirits and direct the multitude of smaller elementals. They hold the blueprints, grids and the energy that brings the myriad of life forms in nature into existence.

Devas communicate telepathically and through gentle energetic interactions. They will send signals from nature which we can pick up such as sudden sounds, rushes of wind, or ripples in the water.

Each and every plant, animal, rock and other entity has a nature spirit. These spirits often communicate and join together in a hive-mind as a spirit of an area to help with earth healing and grid work. Native Americans and shamans across the world have strong relationships with the spirits of their land by respecting nature and performing rituals. They thank the land and welcome the rain.


Devas are closely related to angels and are part of the same overall class of being. Devas and angels are very similar in appearance and are related in their evolutionary path.

Angels assist with the spiritual and emotional needs of the human and the elemental kingdoms. They foster, nurture and protect life and consciousness within the world.

Angels are the gardeners of the interior life within all things. They help us to remember our oneness with everything and they empower and nourish the evolution of spirit.

Wherever consciousness is there are angels. Some work exclusively with humanity. There are angels of towns and cities, and of organisations and nations. Angels will be present to foster the opportunity of joining consciousness together in some common enterprise.

Devas over-light wild places and angels engage with civilization. Devas emanate a unique energy signature or vibration that is distinct from angels, elementals and other forms of spirits.

Devas work closely with the elementals of mountains, forests, rivers and streams, continents and oceans. Elementals work closely with devas of nature and are distinct in the way they operate. Devas are like leaders who coordinate and organise the activities of elementals.

Elementals are known as builders of form and operate mostly on the mental plane. Their specialty is to translate thought-forms into physical form by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns.

Elemental beings of the earth are elves and gnomes, of the air are fairies and sylphs, of water are undines or mermaids, and elemental beings of fire are salamanders.  Even the human body has its own body elemental.

Human beings act as step-down transformers for divine thought-forms. We manifest the heavens of the higher spiritual planes onto the denser planes of form and matter. Humans work with thought and feeling. We receive and work with an idea to refine and develop it through thought. Then we energize these thought-forms with our feelings.


Devas, nature spirits and elementals all work closely with Mother Earth. They manifest and support all expressions of the creation and destruction of life. Nature spirits take form and work within the transitional realms and the subtle energy fields of the physical worlds.

Nature spirits are an essential and intimate part of the circulation of light and vital energies through the earth. Nature spirits may tie themselves to specific landscapes and geographical features including rivers, species of plants and animals, and to individual plants themselves.

Nature spirits are the transformers of life. They transform the raw and intense subtle energies from the higher-order worlds and step them down into forms suitable for the subtle bodies of plants and animals.

There are countless numbers of nature spirits dwelling in every conceivable place working to keep nature in balance. Each tree, flower, plant, stone, and animal has a spirit and intelligence.  Nature Spirits vary in size at every scale, in their form, and temperament.  Nature spirits including devas and elementals live in wild places, manmade places, and also throughout the cosmos including solar and galactic levels.

The vast majority of nature spirits are invisible to us unless they show themselves. In the past they appeared more often but today there are much fewer sightings.  They felt it wise to avoid human contact in the face of our over consumption and destruction of earth’s environment, habitats, flora and fauna.

Human, elemental and angelic streams of life all emanate from one source. This is the same universal source which all came from that we identify as God. It is very wise to treat nature with respect and communicate with the wonderful variety of nature spirits.

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