nourish your spirit

Nourish Your Spirit with These Deeply Meaningful Tips

What’s a soul without a truly awakened spirit?

What’s a spirit without a knowing to guide its greatness?

When you strive to nourish your spirit, these are the kind of questions you’re asking yourself. And when your spirit fully responds to your efforts of betterment – that’s when you’re a true victor.

But how can you get to that point? Are you prepared to tackle the greatness awaiting your way?

I’m going to share a secret with you: each one of us is capable of doing so. Never let anyone else convince you otherwise. So, arm yourself with these meaningful tips to have your spirit deeply connected to the authentic frequencies it is capable of being.

1. Get Connected to the Earth

As well as being star seeds, we’re all sons of the Earth. But do we realise how much we’ve lost contact with it?

So, in order to rekindle or even detect our genuine frequencies, we need to tap into a deeper self.

nourish your spirit

Try closing your eyes and imagining you’re a child again. Back then, everything surrounding you was an enormous playground for your imagination. So why wouldn’t it be the same now, in your adult years?

Just forget about any label and cultural formatting and allow yourself to let go and be free.

Lie on the grass for hours or read sitting on the ground. Make time for hiking, rafting, trekking.

And don’t forget to take a camera with you. Or no camera – if your heart desires complete seclusion from the mundane.

2. Travel like Never Before

Our spirits are always seeking to reconnect to and expand towards the matrix of light they came from.

You are a wonder and you need the dormant gifts inside you to be catalysed and enriched by other marvels around you.

But for that to happen, you have to cultivate constant curiosity and expansive bewilderment.

And what better way of doing that than by travelling the world?

When you travel, you get in contact with novel energies which rewire your brain towards better perceptiveness.

Cultivating your inner wanderlust only prepares you to:

  • view the world with new eyes
  • make more connections between you and your true self
  • heal your soul with nature’s beauty
  • access newfound vitality.

Travelling makes you try out things you wouldn’t have thought of, meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, taste food you wouldn’t have imagined or feel the sublime in ways you wouldn’t have projected.

3. Read to Become a Receptacle of Wisdom

“You’re born to live, not to exist.” – this is what I always try to teach. Because we are moulded to capture world’s wisdom and use it to our spiritual augmentation.

By assimilating new knowledge, we connect to past spirits and unite with their universality. This way, we can truly be one love and one team.

Nourish your spirit with the ever-perennial light of the past.

nourish your spirit

4. Meditate to Deeply Nourish Your Spirit and Become One with the Cosmic Energy

You’ve heard it time and time again and with good reason: meditation elevates your being in all respects.

But it also heals you – and not only on the surface.

This is what you’ll hear from hundreds who’ve found their peace with my guided meditation sessions. 

They were able to feel transformational light frequencies travelling through their bodies and allow quantum energies permeate and liberate all the unsolved negative issues.

Meditation opens your inner stargate to connect with a One Heart beating the same way.

So when you’re looking to nourish your spirit, never forget: I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together, we can make this world a much more harmonious place.