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Opening Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third eye
Your pineal gland is your third eye.
It is a pea-sized gland that is shaped like a pinecone situated in your brain near your pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Your third eye is roughly in the middle of the forehead and slightly above the junction of the eyebrows.

Your third eye leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. An awakened third eye facilitates visions, seeing energy and auras, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences. Your third eye sees the infinite, the immaterial, and the spiritual. It acts as a portal to other dimensions.

When your third eye is opened you can see yourself as the whole expanse of your consciousness. You will discover or remember universal consciousness and enlightenment and have real conversations with beings from other dimensions.


1: Stop Energy Moving To Your Eyes

For a few minutes look at a static object, a point on a wall, the rising sun, or a tree in the distance. Stare at this without allowing your eyes to move anywhere else. In a while your energy stops moving to your eyes.

The energy stops flowing through your eyes if there is no movement in them.  This energy always flows and is never static. It finds a new path through your third eye as the nearest point for this energy to flow with the least resistance.

Within three minutes of focussing your eyes at a point, your inner attention flows toward your third eye. Then your face begins to change and look lifeless because your attention is at the third eye.

2: Close Sensory Openings

Close all the openings of the head including the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. You can do this mentally in meditation, use your hands, or use blindfold, earplugs, etc. Then your consciousness is stopped suddenly because it cannot move out of your body.

You have never thought without breathing. Your every thought is associated with your breathing. If you stop your breathing suddenly then thought will also stop.

Your consciousness suddenly cannot move out because all openings of your head are closed.  Instead your consciousness and focus moves to the third eye between your two normal eyes.

Feel inside this inner space between your two eyes until you know the totality of all existence. This inner space is all inclusive and nothing is left out of it. You discover that the whole world is in you.

3: Before Thought, Let Your Mind Be

Close your eyes and move your attention to the middle and feel the point. There your eyes will suddenly become fixed. You are at the right spot when it is hard to move your eyes

For the third eye attention is food. It is hungry and if you pay attention to it then it becomes alive.

You will become the witness to your thoughts. You become immediately the witness of thoughts, like watching a film, when you focus on your third eye. So for example, instead of becoming anger, you are detached from it and witness it.

Be centred in your third eye. Observe the arising of the witnessing self. From this space you can encounter your thoughts and also feel the subtle, delicate vibration of breathing.

When you breathe you also breathe in prana. Air is the medium or container for subtle etheric prana to flow through it. Imagine this essence or prana filling the top of your head at the crown chakra. Once it fills up, imagine a shower of rainbow light raining on you. Then you are refreshed, reborn, and completely new.


When combined with the above techniques, these methods will help your third eye to awaken:

Breathing: Long and deep breaths will help you focus on your third eye. Holding breath and not breathing for a few seconds will give you razor sharp focus. Rapid holotropic breathing also stimulates your third eye.

Meditation: Meditating regularly will develop and enhance your pineal gland. Dawn is the best time to meditate for maximum pineal gland stimulation.

Chanting: Chanting will vibrate and resonate the tetrahedron bone in your nose. This stimulates your pineal gland. Try chanting OM, the primal sound of the universe, for about an hour each day.

Tapping: With your fingers tap lightly and firmly on your forehead between your two eyebrows just above your nose. This will help you to activate your third eye.

Yoga: Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep meditation are very potent methods for awakening the Pineal Gland. Yoga inversions increase blood flow to your pineal gland while you are upside down.

Sungazing: The sun is a great source of power. To boost your pineal gland gaze gently at the sun during the first few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset. At dawn the pineal and pituitary glands align and resonate and you can see a light in your head.

Darkness: Ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible during your sleep time. This encourages the brain to generate melatonin and DMT for rested sleep and more intense dreaming.

Crystals: Lie down and place a quartz or amethyst crystal over your third eye. This can accelerate third eye awakening and healing, and tune it for psychic work.

Laughing: First laugh loudly for 10 to 20 minutes. Laugh with full power and then sit silently for at-least 15 minutes and observe the sensation in your body.


Focus on your third eye and your imagination becomes very powerful. Be careful what you think as what you imagine becomes real. This can be dangerous. So cleanse and purify your body, speech and mind and direct your imagination along positive channels of love, light, healing and freedom.

Imagination actualises in your third eye. There is no gap between dream and reality. The divine is centred in the third eye so whatsoever the divine dreams will manifest in reality. If you are also centred in your third eye, what you dream becomes real.

The space between your two eyes is the infinite space which has emanated inside you. Once this space is known you have known the deathless. Then there is no death.

When you know this inner space for the first time, your life will be authentic, intense, and truly alive. No security is needed and no fear is possible, only love. Now you are the universe.

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