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One of my objectives is to understand contemporary life from various perspectives. These include the character, another of the same species, from another earth species, from spirit, and from advanced aliens. Here are summaries and indications to be expended for blogs, articles and stories.

The world

In my childhood I saw the world as new and exciting. When I heard a new piece of music, a stimulating programme on TV, or read about something new and interesting I would be absorbed, immersed and keen on learning it all (my thirst for knowledge so great). I had a simplistic and naive view of the world and nature. For example, I thought my new bank account (age 12) would calculate and add interest on a daily basis! It took some time to understand that much of what was said in the media was not true.

As I got older and became an adult my levels of skepticism and cynicism grow until I could clearly see through things to see the inter-connectedness of nature and the ignorance of greedy people. The world has sped up in human terms as well as the perception of time. This only happens when thinking in linear time with the woes of past and future clouding the present. When living in the moment (perceptual time), the experience of time is flexible and the quality of reality more vibrant. Life trapped rushing around in linear time, existence in the daily grind of the trance of materialism, and not understanding true living and ‘being’ a spiritual soul is the great missed opportunity of the modern age of degeneration.

In the 4 decades I have lived in my current body, I have witnessed great advances in science and technology. I have also observed many issues with humanities’ over consumption and blind materialism, wars over resources, affect on nature and climate, and the increase of the false economy and lifestyle of so-called celebrities. There is hope in that more of us are waking up, with spiritual and social understanding, and applying knowledge and skills to help turn things around. Yet the majority have their heads in the sand.


From the perspective of other species living on earth it appears that an invasive, destructive fumbling species has taken over their lands and indiscriminately destroyed their numbers without regard for the consequences. With our machines of metal and concrete city castles, the spirits of nature are wondering why humans have cut themselves off from the life force of the earth. They are waiting for us to reconnect and return to an understanding and symbiosis with the world and universe. There is so much love, patience, and compassion emanating from spirit, source and our higher selves just waiting for us to ask for guidance to change our ways. Listen to the voice inside and the voice of earth and stop consuming and expanding like a virus. Extinction and conflict are not paths to glory or happiness.

From an extraterrestrial viewpoint a whole raft of opinions arise. If they are so advanced as to be indistinguishable from gods, it is likely they will not notice us unless they have a vested interest (created us, helped us, or looking to control us in some way). If they are like us without spiritual reconnection they likely will be looking for resources – raw materials, food, workers and expertise. A third option is that we are protected in some way to develop (the kindergarten, experiential school or even prison). When we are ready they will let themselves be known to us. Then there are those in spirit itself always helping and guiding us in the background (spirit guides, angels, Buddha, ascended beings, etc).

My life

I cannot believe that I have been living most of my life in the trap of the material wanting more, almost worshipping science, and fairly ignorant of others. I have spent much of my childhood in fear of teasing at school, my Mum’s alcoholism and afraid to communicate or take risks. As a result I ended up introverted, with few friends, academic and relatively overweight and unfit. I was easy to temper and had low self esteem not knowing how to interact with girls (I was in an all boys school and Mum fell out with rest of my family). Then I went to university and get sidetracked from my degree with social activities, alcohol and weed. Following that I had bumbled along with jobs, struggled with relationships and lost my way. Lately my heart has been in spiritual understanding and true meaning to life beyond the materialistic facade.

Enlightenment 1

Now, there is a battle going on inside me to overcome my preconceived tendencies for worry, stress and lethargy. I have found new spiritual wisdom from many sources and my ‘higher self’ wants to live in the moment, be calm, respect everything and be intuitive. My rational self is fighting this but I am fed up with all the same rubbish spouted by the media and peers. I want to change, flow in the moment, and each time I decide to make steps in the right direction obstacles immediately block my way (currently ear thump). It is like things are thrown at me and I have little to guide me (physically), only qualities like courage and intuition. Even simple things are hard to come by with all the distractions of technology and modern living.

From other perspectives, I am another one of those human creatures having an experience of physical life. From life to life experience is gained, positive and negative karma accrued, and the body dies and decays whilst the point of awareness moves to non-physical state before residing in another body again. This happens time and time again until all obstructions are cleared and pure luminous awareness is left. I suppose that is when true ascension or enlightenment happens. At various stages, my light has turned on and shone as has that of many others. This needs nourishment or else is extinguished and needs reigniting.

The message is clear. We are here to learn, repay our karma and experience a physical existence (one of many in an indeterminable sequence of unique manifestations of corporeal and non-corporeal states).

Life of a poor man

Living a poor life in a poor country is not a fun thing. Even if you are lucky enough to find a spiritual path at a young age or live in harmony with the land. There are hurdles of malnourishment, accidents, disease and sickness which stop many from reaching adulthood. Even then life is on the edge, just not the edge of fast consumerism and overwhelming constraints. Rather it is one of moment by moment survival and providing for dependents. Without modern medicine, science, technology and culture more focus is on the land, family and local community. Spending many hours working the land or begging may imply a hard life. Yet these more primitive environments can be a catalyst for great change and internal transformation.

Being poor in an industrialized society means coping with drugs, crime, illness, not having things others have (a common fault with all of us), and living hand to mouth with little or no support. In effect it is easier to live in a traditional ‘primitive’ society without knowledge of transitory riches because of the community support, acceptance of death as part of living, and lack of expectations. A spiritually advanced hunter-gather society, like the Native Americans, may in fact be the richest environment for our souls to flourish. It is not easy as there are many challenges but there is great local support and harmonious living with nature.

Other species on earth, in spirit and in outer space, may have the wisdom to see through the physical constructs realising the challenges and development of the souls in poor countries and primitive societies. Compassion and assistance is available to those who are ready to receive it for benefitting others. Nature respects those who live in harmony and so, I think, are enlightened extraterrestrials and spirit beings.

PerspectivesLife of a rich man

Being rich may sound like everyone’s dream and for some it is very beneficial. Yet most of us born into vast riches become complacent, arrogant and want even more money and power. Many rulers have fallen into the trap of being so self-centred that they become dictators controlling and dominating others for their own ego power. Others are driven to invade and colonise without much regard for natives.

In rare cases, such as with the Buddha before enlightenment, they find a spiritual solution either supported by or shunning their wealth and position. Given the consensus at all levels of society, it is a missed opportunity for many rich people to seek to help others altruistically, or their environment, or seeking spiritual enlightenment. There are wise business owners, celebrities and rulers but the majority are unwise and out of touch with mainstream society. Modern media, education, peer pressure and expectations highly influence the nature and development of all, including the richest, along dangerous directions.

From birth to death everything is catered for. They are pampered and educated into conformity and either driven to excess or hedonistic through cultural attachments such as alcohol, drugs and fame. Many end up not having the skills to cope with life and experience mental illness. From the perspectives of others they are seen either as role models, loved or hated. Many fickle minds switch between these unhealthy attitudes. In fact many have wasted the true qualities of a precious human life and live in emotional, mental and spiritual poverty despite their physical wealth.

Outside of the human realm the rich are seen just like any other human, without discrimination. If there cause great damage their own karma will come back to them, and if they do great good they will attract spirit guides and be on a path to greater things.

Life of an animal

There is a misconception that human beings are top of the world when in fact there are many species on the world interacting as well as more advanced spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. Many animals have a physical part with lower intellectual capacity than man (possible exceptions are dolphins and other cetaceans), and some are collectives (such as social insects and even wolves). In the main they live in harmony with nature and experience great physical hardships as training and development for their group (species) souls. They are at different levels of development and spiritually more connected than most humans. Animals living part in whole in spirit may be seen as power animals.

They live their lives to survive, breed, find food, and escape predators (etc). This is what we see on the physical plane. Many die early in life and return to the collective consciousness or develop individual identity. Some live lives more like humans (cats, dogs) and after experiencing these comforts may attain a human rebirth. Others are very intelligent and interconnected such as cetaceans. They arguably are living more advanced, harmonious and happy lives than humans do.

Most animals die before they reach old age and are recycled into the world or consumed by predators. This is merely the bodies. Their souls pass beyond to spirit realms and may be reborn as another animal or another being. Many fear humans for what we have done, others live as parasites and vermin eking a niche in our modern molasses, and some enjoy human company because they get rewards of food, water and milk. From perspectives beyond this world they are seen as group and autonomous agents, living and evolving according to environment and conditioning. Many out of world observers feel great potential in a symbiotic relationship between the ecosystems of nature and the advancement of humans (if noticed at all). The human race in general is ignorant of all this and the suffering we are causing all creatures of Earth.