3rd Eye Activating Blueprint- Guided Healing Meditation



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Powerful Guided Healing Meditation. This is Mega-Powerful. In this meditation the whole Universe will be brought to you. You will connect with the most exquisite Golden Light you have ever tasted, felt and been. You will be left vibrating from head to toe, to the deepest parts of your inner Galaxy. Are you ready to experience the power of nature Fasten your seat belt.  Are you ready Download & listen now.

Product Description

The 3rd eye is known as the seat of the soul. It plays a vital role in you expanding your consciousness and seeing the truth. The truth beyond form. The geometry and codes that are the underlying essence of all things. They are nature. This guided healing meditation will assist you in unlocking your extrasensory abilities where a whole new and exciting world awaits you. ADD TO CART & DOWNLOAD NOW! 

What file size are the Star Magic Guided Healing Meditations?

All of the Star Magic guided healing meditations are between 19 and 25mb

What is the length of the Star Magic Guided Healing Meditations?

All Star Magic guided healing meditations are between 30 and 40 minutes each.

How often should I listen to each Star Magic Guided Healing Meditation?

Each Star Magic guided healing meditation can be listened to as often as you like. Most people get phenomenal results after just one to three sessions. People listen to them everyday and make them their constant companion.

What time of day is best to listen to the Star Magic Guided Healing Meditations? 

You can listen to them in the morning, at night, when you are travelling on public transport, on your lunch break at work. They are great at any time.

Are the Live Recordings just as Powerful as the Live Star Magic Guided Healing Meditations?

Yes, all of the recordings are infused with the Star Magic Frequency. Jerry harnesses the group energy from the live calls and combines it with the Natural Frequency of Star Magic – together this is powerful. You will get to Experience the Feeling when you listen to either one, some or all of the Guided Meditations. You will FEEL THE POWER during the meditations. Every journey is Unique, as Jerry guides you through the Cosmos, venturing beyond time and space to experience worlds and YOU-Niverses beyond this one. Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation are vast. You will experience:

  • Increased level of awareness
  • Deep & loving connection with you
  • A natural flow of abundance
  • More confidence
  • Heighten creativity & enhanced brain function
  • Happy becomes your natural state and you become more compasionate towards others
  • Ability to manifest your hearts desires
  • Live in the flow of life
  • Anxiety/worry dissappears
  • Success becomes your new normal
  • Re-Connect with your inner-child
  • Sense of wonder and well-being
  • Positive thoughts and feelings increase
  • Lower stress level
  • Increased vitality
  • Ability to tune in to your body’s natural inner guidance
  • Stronger sense of control over your emotions and your actions
  • Gateway to your divinity and inherent divine guidance
  • Release past trauma and heal emotional wounds
  • Stronger sense of connection with other
  • And many more that go beyond words…

When you commit to meditating regularly, you’ll open a doorway to your inherent and divine creative abilities, the inner wisdom of your soul, the blessings of your body and a sense of peace that offers bliss and profound & transformational healing.