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Due to the current global climate, on a physical and a multidimensionall level, we are gathering as  Tribe to bring forth a Tsunami of High Vibrational 5D Frequencies that will Amplify Your Life. This year has been a game changer and still the game is changing and we must be in alignment with the changes in energy on a quantum level, so we can be in alignment in physical form. It’s time to Amplify Your Life and be ahead of the game.

5th Density Frequencies & The Schumann Resonance

Taking a multi-faceted approach, combining science (quantum physics) and the esoteric arts (spirituality), blending the two seamlessly together, you will be taken on a journey to expand your awareness, elevate your vibration and shift your consciousness into a new and empowered state of being.

Star Magic Meditations are rapidly becoming the most transformational on the Planet and this weekend you will be taken on a unique cosmic adventure where you connect with the new energy streams avialable in the cosmos. Bursts of high-vibrational cosmic rays, coming into Earth have been measured by Earth’s Schumann Resonance to vibrate in the 4-100 hertz range.  The Gamma state of consciousness (total bliss and Super-Human Abilities) resonates between 40-100 nhertz. The lower boundary of the 5th dimension begins at exactly 40 hertz and the upper boundary ends at exactly 100 hertz.

We are energetic beings living in an energetic environment and the energy that creates all things, can never be destroyed. Energy simply transitions and when you know how to liberate this energy flow and connect with it, you can create any reality you want, quickly.

Once you tap this potential you will begin to remember the knowledge that has been stored inside your DNA (since the dawn of time) to create your most extraordinary version, step into your authentic power and unleash your inner wisdom. Your will unleash tremendous creativity, access huge energy stores, gain massive clarity and grow in confidence as you ignite something deep within, a part of you that you will un-cage, a deep aspect that you know lies within, yet you have not been able to access or not been able to access fully.

Now it’s time to weaponise your Super-Human Potential and live and Amplify Your Life.


5D Healing

The healing that you will receive throughout the weekend will be second to none. It will be a non-stop cascade of healing energies, shifting and changing you on a subatomic level, healing psstlife and current life trauma, so you can soar like a cosmic eagle and live out your life purpose on this magical green and bluee ball we call Planet Earth!

Collective Consciousness

Once you are immersed in an environment like this, with many others, all having profound experiences, going deeper than you’ve ever been, beyond, into the labyrinth of your consciousness, being bombarded with 5D light frequencies,  your life will shift, big time. There is no other option but to expand and thrive as your life gains new perspective and your mission takes on new meaning. You will redefine what being Sovereign Really means and as you so send a tidal wave of love out into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Change the Programming

Since the time you were born, and before in some cases (which you will become very familiar with during the training) you have been running a programme or a series of programmes. Making the same decisions, repeating the same emotions, taking the same action, over and over and replaying event after event that keeps you stuck in a cyclical trail of low vibrational events and circumstances. Until you change your energy and learn/remember how to maintain it and elevate it, you will be free for a period of time but then fall back into your old ways. The programming is too strong and so will return and keep you locked in your old way of thinking, feeling and behaving. The back to back onslaught of high octane energy offered during this life changing workshop will bust throigh this programing and re-define you as a human being.

You will clear out all old 3D/ energies and programmes that no longer serve or resonate with the soul and this is where one sheds the body (like a snake sheds it’s skin) of all lower 3D vibrations that cannot pass into the less-dense 5th-dimensional or 5th density reality.

We will show you how to raise your frequency and in turn, change your world.

The question is, are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you interested in seeing how far you can grow and how high you can raise your own frequency? Are you ready to experience your full human potential?

What will I Take Away from this Event?

 Activated DNA

Activated 3rd Eye

Connection to Your Soul Tribe

A Clear Connection to Your Life Purpose

Activated Abundance Frequency

A Massively Heightened Vibration and the Knowledge to Maintain it

Heart & Mind Coherence

Heightened Awareness

Self-Healing Tools

Huge Clarity

Expanded Awareness and Increased Energy

A Bio-Circuitry System with the Old Programming Dissolved

An Expanded Heart and a Deep Sense of Peace

Huge Courage and Confidence to Take Massive Action in Your Life


Join the Amplify Your Life Workshop and let’s create a better world, together, as one unified universal force.

Tickets: £275

Start at 10.00 am and finish at 5.00 pm.