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Be Fearless, UK, with Jerry Sargeant



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Be Fearless Workshop


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Most human beings on this planet are held by the old fear frequencies of collective conditioning and are unable to elevate their own vibration high enough, to create a free-flowing world of abundance.

Is this you?

Money, harmonious relationships and perfect health; do they cradle your very existence? Or are you struggling to maintain the flow? Or even start the flow that you so rightly deserve as a spiritual being having a human experience?

Are you in fear of stepping up mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually into a state of certainty, strength and elevated acceptance of life, your current situation and the inner wisdom to create a super-powerful life, where you live and thrive and not merely exist?

Do you know that knowledge coated in courage is contained within your own genetic make-up?

It can be exhausting and demoralising when you look around you and see this rich and bountiful planet and some people on it flourishing, when no woman, man or child is less or more special than the next.

Let Jerry take you on this powerful 2-day adventure, where you will literally

‘Be Fearless’

Old patterns, limiting beliefs and energies that no longer serve your purpose on this planet, will be washed away and you will be connected to the light frequencies that will turbo charge your life and enable you to co-create a brand new and inspiring reality.

No more Struggles. No more Wondering. No more Worry. No more Playing Small

It’s time for YOU to SHINE… Brightly, like the powerful star that YOU ARE

During this exciting workshop, you will know how to use fear as a tool to expand, grow and to guide you, fully energised, into a positive light and to literally…

Be Fearless!

As you connect to the peace and strength of the Star Magic Frequency, which vibrates gently inside your heart, a knowing of safety and protection will fill your soul. You will feel and BE supported as you realise your full human potential and expand into new and empowering realities.

The weekend will include a number of Deep Frequency Encoded Star Magic Meditations, powerful group exercises and healing’s and the opportunity to ask Jerry any questions that arise during this transformational weekend of spiritual truth.

Once this weekend is over you will stand strong, in your truth, knowing that a new life awaits you and all you must do is smile, put one foot in front of the other and live your dreams with courage and confidence.


9th & 10th September – 10.30AM – 5.30PM Both Days

Fasten Your Seat Belt and Expect Transformation…





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