Infinite Wisdom VIII – Galactic Rollercoaster, 11th – 19th July, Online

( This product is a bonus content to Infinity. You will need an active Infinity Membership to access the meditations. )



Product Description

Infinite Wisdom 8 is going to be another epic journey through the cosmos. After the ‘Cosmic Justice’ and the ‘5D Mystery School Tour’, we are going to raise the bar once again with a rollercoaster of a trip to 18 different Planets, Stars and Cosmic Homes of our Galactic Sisters and Brothers, our Star Family. We will experience life there, get to understand their cultures, ways of healing, interdimensional and multidimensional travel, whilst receiving extremely powerful downloads and upgrades to turbo charge our Earthly experience. You will meet extraterrestrials that you didn’t even know existed, learn/remember from them and exchange sacred light codes.

This will be a real mind and heart opener. The healing that takes place on these Tribe Journeys is massive. As well as receiving ancient wisdom and deep knowledge you will receive colossal healing frequencies and deep trauma will shift and heal. You will form a deep bond with the Tribe and like always there will be laughter and tears.

If you joined us for IW 6 or 7, you know what to expect. If this is your first Infinite Wisdom journey, please stay hydrated leading up to it, during and after. Once you join and we engage before the first journey you will be given clear instructions on how to best navigate this Magical Ride with your fellow Cosmic Astronauts. Bring your A game and be hydrated!

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Here is the Journey we will be taking through the Cosmos:

Maywah (Yayhel)

Alcyone (Pleiades)

Tishtae (Andromeda)

Taygeta (Pleiades)

Avyon (Vega)

Electra (Pleiades)

Sunflower Galaxy

Izar (Bootes)

Bevricon (Arcturus)

Inner Earth Brazil

Venus Inner Earth

Alpha Centauri

Great White BrotherHood Command Centre

Mintaka (Orion System)

Deltai (Lyra)

Atlas (Pleiades)

Surprise (Wait and See)

Fasten Your Seatbelt & Expect Transformation