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Who am I and why am I here Each and every one of us at some point in our lives has asked this fundamental question. Be inspired at the very core of your being, embark on an inward spiritual journey of self-discovery and venture into the light. Discover the love for yourself, the power within you, and the inevitable truth of life.

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Product Description

Spiritual Books – Product Description

When it comes to spiritual Books – Into the Light ‘Raising the Global Vibration‘ is a must read.

Into the Light  Spiritual Journey

”I was out running one Sunday morning and I saw some fairies flying around a tree. An Angel then appeared in front of me and said his name was Gabriel. I say it was a he but it was neither a he or a she. It was a powerful, esoteric being of light, powerful, elegant and wise. Stood before me he told me I had to fulfill the protocols with my mission as a Light worker and write a book called Into the Light. So i ran home, opened my computer and downloaded it from the Universe’ – Jerry Sargaent

Into the Light Raising the Global Vibration is a channelled exploration of the path to enlightenment and the future of global consciousness offering answers to some of the most fundamental spiritual questions we have today.

Jerry will share with you his vision of a new earth and how we can raise the vibration on this planet by re-connecting with the authentic essence of all life. The passion and inspiration will shine through and your vibration will lift as you unlock a part of you that is full of strength, power, purity and energy.

People across the world are experiencing a spiritual shift as a part of an evolutionary growth in global consciousness. Now, more than ever people are yearning for the answers such as why am I here What is the meaning of life and what lies beyond Into the Light will give the answers youre looking for and so much more; covering past life regression, the make-up of the universe, the key to inner peace, the truth about extra-terrestrials, the afterlife and a first-hand narrative of Jerry’s own spiritual awakening.

An exciting, interesting and enlightening journey that will inspire you to live your truth.

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