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The first step to unleashing your power  If you have not worked with Star Magic before and would like to speak to a Facilitator in depth, before your healing, about specific ailments, and also have a detailed discussion after the healing, including nutritional advice and guidance on exercise (OPTIONAL AT NO EXTRA COST), then a Full Consultation is highly recommended.

This service also provides on going support across all subsequent private healing sessions at no extra cost. It does not include the cost of the Private Healing Sessions. This is an additional and highly sought after service to achieve the very best support and results for you, your family, your business or your sports team.

This Full Consultation will also enable your chosen Star Magic Facilitator to get to know you and find more about your situation, in order to achieve maximum results.

If you just want the healing then book a Private Healing Session now.


Product Description

The first step to Unleashing Your Power.

A full consultation offers a before and after healing service and includes your first healing, which is often all that you require.

This full consultation will enable your chosen Facilitator to get to know you and find more about your situation, in order to achieve maximum results. It is an in-depth consultation and will ensure that the approach taken is exactly what you need. Your Star Magic Facilitator will discuss all aspects of your health, well-being and lifestyle.

After your private healing session you and your Facilitator will have a further consultation so he/she can share with you the best way forward.

We take a complete holistic approach.

We will work with you to develop and on going plan to develop your mind, body and spirit, so you can be sure the old blocks don’t return and you continue to grow, flourish and reach new levels in all areas of your life.

Clients find that as soon as they make the decision to engage with Star Magic and be healed, the healing begins. It’s powerful.

Book your full consultation now and take your first step to being a healthy, vibrant, energy filled you.

You are extraordinary. Let’s unleash the real you into the world.

We do not treat, heal, advise or cure any illnesses or diseases. Star Magic is the most powerful, transformational tool on the planet. A light endoded frequency that will unlock your super human self-healing ability once you connect to it. Are you ready to experience massive, rapid, lasting shifts that will elevate your life as you unleash your inner wisdom 


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