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Visionary Dreams of January 2016

Feel of Dreams

I have noticed a unique ‘feel’ of my dreams, flow of time and persistence of memory in them. In a dream I can create my own reality. In the astral the reality is already there, fluid in that it shifts and changes and thoughts manifest forms. Co-creation and interaction with the environment and entities becomes possible. In the dream world everything is self-generated unless it is a common dream or astral experience. Continuous focus or observation is required to stabilize a dream. More minds sharing the same dream help stabilize it and eventually the dream ‘island’ gains a persistence and substantiality of itself. This is how our physical reality came about by consciousness reinforcing the sensations and environment appearing to it.

A space is reserved in dreamtime or as part of the astral realms. This may be visited and enriched by others, and evolves through co-creation. Ideas turn into creative inventions and manifest similarly as ‘islands’ connecting physical reality to mental realms. These are like emanations of other realities arising from the quantum foam (emptiness). Dreams are subtle experiences for subtle minds. Gross minds of attachment, anger, pride and ignorance generate dull dreams perpetuating daily life with undesirable twists.

Dreams That Rock

Jan 5: Alpha Numerical Calculations

Dream: I am with some other people in a classroom doing alpha-numerical calculations that are related to a system of conversion of codes or learning such a process. This looked and feels like a classroom and I’m clearly writing calculations on lined A5 paper with a blue biro pen. I remember scribbling out 1 or 2 incorrect workings and rewriting them. Some questions are simple at the start and then become more complicated. Towards the end, many minutes or an hour or so later, the calculations are more complex. The oddest ones have results at the end of the alphabet which resembles our own alphabet with some differences or jumbling of letters. For example, x, y, and z are unclassifiable levels and each result determines a state or type of code. The last calculation is more detailed and advanced and went onto 2 sides of paper. I think the answer was a ‘w’ which hardly ever comes up in this process. I felt so ecstatic when doing this and was totally in my element. There were others sat on either side of me. I say aloud “I am here to do this. This is what I love to do.”  I feel and know the process of the details to elevate the bigger picture for all to share. I feel determined and persistent about this passion and energy (12-2pm).

My Interpretation: Went to Arcturian healing chamber and fell asleep. Again, I’m in a training school in dreams and learning focus and application (astral and mental). Only remembered fragments and then details appeared like a flower opening up. Yet there even more depth to this dream which mirrored some of my happier moments in school. The calculations were more numerological than scientific or mathematical in nature.

Jan 12: Light Language, Aura & Countryside Event

Astral: I wake up understanding the light language through my crown and third eye sees it as flashes of light. These convert into sounds (normally low deep tones, sometimes higher cross octaves, mantra-like language and sequences, sometimes feeding into other ancient languages). It feels strange but when connecting with my higher heart I feel it soothing and a deep understanding about light, sound, energy and synthesis without thought or cognition. This is in the early stages yet but very powerful for clearing physical, emotional and mental blocks as well as communication (4-5am).

Dream: I’m in a dormitory with people of like minds sharing and feeling at home in the country. It is daylight outside and I can see green grassy fields on undulating hills and trees dotted in the landscape. I remember two levels and a room upstairs and downstairs. In each is a pencil case like my school one, bright and deep blue with geometry printed on one and times table on the other. I look inside to find the usual pens, pencils and maths implements. This I do twice and wake up and feel my mind being taken in my one of them. The colours are rich hues, much brighter than my aura (actually more DMT-like) and are mostly red, green and blue (with some yellow too). I went back to sleep and continued to dream. Then there was a basement disco and a DJ area but very few people. It is a practice run. Then I’m waking outside along a street in a city and everything feels right and light and I feel lightness related to the healing and spiritual work I am / will do. Then I woke up with a ‘Man with no Name’ song playing loudly in my head like an alarm clock (laid in, woke up at 12 noon).

My Interpretation: Light language transmitted from higher dimension through the astral and ethers to crown chakra, then appears in third eye as living lights and tubes of tubes of light of different colours and frequencies, then to the throat chakra as sound or toning and then higher translates and main heart brings the understanding and feeling of it as it integrates all the other chakras. My brain cannot process this without the whole system in harmony. Also, I can tune into some sort of communications channel and hear variations of this language or/and see beams of light and variations in modes (this takes energy to do). Later, I watched Arcturian ascension symptoms video on YouTube explaining this process of understanding light language through the chakras. These are confirmations I’m on the right path and direction.

Jan 16: Accelerating Consciousness & Light Quotient

Dream 1: This morning, over a couple of hours or less, I experienced multiple very vivid colourful dreams about ascension and being in Lemuria/Atlantis and clearly remember the following as real as a video. I am watching a story about a man, who is unshaven and looking a little like Jerry but does not feel like him. He is accelerating in consciousness beyond comprehension in a large room, half lit, with lots of charts spread out over the floor, other papers with geometry, and lights feverously matching some correlations and with a burning desire to save humanity and the world. At least two other women and another man appear to relay and check the information the man is working on. There are some half-seen weird symbols on the charts like glyphs or astrological symbols in black ink and they are shifting and moving out of focus like they are alive. Colours are rich and etheric in nature (deep rainbow shades including rich greens, reds and blues). Light is so dim and differentiated (more light in some parts than others) that things are hard to see.  I hear a Hollywood-style soundtrack that feels like action or motion (almost militaristic but not as fast) and then I am outside and see a futuristic looking metallic grey-black helicopter with curved sides take off. Inside it is organic looking with no formal controls and feels Atlantean. Inside in the not-so small space is a woman illuminated all around (perhaps an aura or diffuse lighting) and she is cradling a baby in her arms. Her head is turned towards the baby and the pose is reminiscent of the Madonna or Mary holding Jesus. The baby has a clear white serene look with eyes looking into its mother’s eyes and shining like a beacon for a future ago of peace, harmony and purity. The helicopter is in the sky ascending. Then scene stops with the words TBC flashing at the bottom, indicating that there will be a part 2. I wake up (8-9am).

Dream 2: Later on I dream of lights and playing a game of transferring lights of different colours and feel lights return to me nourishing me. I realise I’m Arcturian and have entered the healing chamber and have requested my light quotient to be increased. I actually fell asleep following the above dream requesting the Arcturian healing so I feel I transferred some consciousness through the process happening to my dream (astral) body and also slept through my alarm clock again (turning it off without waking up), (12-1pm).

My Interpretation:  Colours likely due to bleed through from my aura and Etherium Gold. The first dream is a reflection of Atlantis, now and the nativity and likely I did see auras around others in dreams (the rarely happens in real life and hurts my third eye when I try but I can see mine in the dark easily). Each night and morning I request healing from the Arcturians and wake up either with a blazing aura or feeling translocated although I have only seen them on a couple of occasions. However it is so relaxing I tend to sleep too much!

Jan 21: Physical Energy Forms & Double Shower

Dream 1: I am walking together with 2 or 3, or more, other men who I sense as close friends or my soul group. We talk about the problems we encountered in bodies, how they age and break easily, as we walk up the street ion daylight towards the main road ahead. We agree that things are easier in soul bodies (energy form, Arcturian or other). The guy who agrees with me is of slim build, about 5 foot 8, young, skinny, athletic with short mousy or frizzy brown hair and looks like someone in a previous dream a few days ago. The street we are walking up looks a little like Clyde Road, the road I live on (10-11am).

Dream 2: Inside a building, like a dormitory and head for the showers and choose the manual one which looks ancient. It is the first one on the right and someone is using the good one further ahead. I don’t see any other showers, only baths and toilets. It is hard to use and later on I pause and a woman rushes past me to grab the good shower again. Then I hear a weird message about the Greys which sounds like a standard warning paragraph in a deep male voice. Then the postman wakes me up and I feel stiff and exhausted (12:30 pm). Again I turned the alarm off in my sleep.

My Interpretation: Woke up earlier more refreshed after receiving direct healing and light from my Arcturian brothers. I am wondering if I am picking up cross-traffic and general information or if the message about the Greys was my imagination as some Arcturian books mentions them and Reptilians.

Jan 25: Experiments & Visuals

Experiments: I lay down holding my starbrary, with some of the mugwort lit, and instantly the colours of my aura came up and then geometry appeared in deep colours and I visualised the idea of a multidimensional crystal or diamond, in my mind as the true wishfulfilling gem of all existence, and then everything exploded and I was dreaming of going to a meditation in the dark in the country. There I was navigating in pitch black and looked to the entrance and was about to enter at 7:30 pm (in dream) when I woke up needing the loo.

Then I lay down again meditating and more visuals and slept and was instantly at Mum’s and saw the front door open then woke up needing the loo again. Without the loo requirements I’m sure I could have journeyed, continued into dream, woke up dreaming, and back into sleep with one continuum of consciousness (this is ‘through meditation’). Then I masturbated to generated and circulate sexual energy. The rich tapestry of colours returned and I was literally dream tripping and meditating asleep for a while. I had bought more crystals online this time optimised for star seeds including a Moldavite.

Later on I wake up and my aura was shimmering beautiful colours again including deep reds, blues, greens, etc. Then I connected with Arcturians and other beings for healing of myself and the earth. Lights and sounds map to intent and I feel multi-dimensional aspects of myself again and feel the healing happening. I thank all the light people, star beings, elementals, ultra-terrestrials and see them appear through the colours in the etheric and not just in my mind. Cool combo of dreaming, tripping and healing work!

Jan 27: Moldavite Dissociative & Superconducting Star

Pre Dream Foam: With my Moldavite necklace around my neck and mugwort burning I felt and saw a rapidly increasing foaminess all around me to the point it started to feel suffocating. It was like a solidifying pressure and saw the bubbles of the foam in hundreds and thousands all around me turning white green and solidifying. It feels like an inorganic realm and quite uncomfortable albeit interesting as it is not something I have experienced before. So I connect to the light and feel love and direct beautiful rays of rainbow light through the foam which is translucent. The light liquefied the foam and I felt a rise in ‘vibration’. Then I felt relaxed and fell asleep shortly after (12-1am).

Astral/OBE: On several occasions I drift into and out of sleep and feel a floaty feeling like dissociation between my levels of body. On one occasion I clearly felt a separation on my energy body from my physical body although I saw nothing and this felt quite real and pronounced quite unlike a dream. I also felt a similar floating awareness into and out of dreams and there were some bright lights in my aura and fragments of geometry as well (various times).

Dream: I’m with a friend in a place that resembles my old room at Deeping Avenue many years ago. We are talking about a magnetic dynamo equilibrium that is perpetual like a star or superconductor. On the inside is an inner shell of energy made of liquid hydrogen normally super-cooled with a zone of frictionless motion sandwiched around this and within an outer shell of liquid helium. The middle zone is metallic and equilibrium is sustained by optimising the temperature-pressure balance as in a star (hydrostatic equilibrium). There are differences as evaporation of some energy from the outer shell and energy is rotating very fast like a dynamo or fusion reactor. The picture of this filled my vision and feeling and then I am this ‘star’ or ‘reactor’ and realised there are more stable configurations at much higher temperatures and different pressures and materials. There may even be one at room temperature to discover by modelling the density and pressure as well as feeling the intensity that makes a star burn. Then I am a star shining in all its glory (about 9-10pm).

My Interpretation: Foamy part is intensity from Moldavite interacting with the mugwort (calibration, no further episodes). The dynamo idea may be from the Arcturians or Ashtar and is linked to frictionless power generation (astro)physics and the ideas of “stillness shining like the sun” (Ram Dass). Rotational hyper-dynamics and ‘merkaba light speed’ fusion reactor simulation also come to mind as I woke.

Jan 31: Lost In Dark & Golden Rain

Dream 1I am walking back from an event and decide to take a shortcut in the dark. I walk past buildings in a housing estate and walk around some houses and into the gardens. I see fields around and a familiar drop into a residential square to my left (feels like I’ve been here several times before). This time I turn right and head into the dark unknown of nature. It is grassy and bushy and then I hear the wail of a large dog-like animal in the distance. Again familiar but never remembered this before. I look back and all reference of civilisation is gone. No choice now but to face this. Then I wake up (4-5 am approx.).

Dream 2I am in a building and see a shower of golden rain so I walk out to investigate further. There is a golden shower rain of lights vertically above me like beautiful slow rain nourishing me and everyone else around me. I stand in awe bathing in this seeing each drop and all the drops shimmering with golden light and reflecting. There are people all around doing the same and many with ecstatic surprised looks on their faces (7-8am).

My Interpretation: First dream reflects decision to go the familiar ‘safe’ route or face the unknown. Decide on the latter but some fear excites and causes me to wake up before it progresses further. Second dream is of the golden nectars and lights recharging me and raising energies of others and then earth, like multi-dimensional love and love.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda, and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extra-terrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyse change.

If you wish to elevate your life to an energy that is simply divine and experience Star Magic energy healing energy healing, then click here

With Love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Tim / Arcturus Avalokiteshvara