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Psychic Protection for Energy Healers

Psychic protection is mission-critical for your health and wellbeing before, during, and after any energy healing. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed by strong feelings of nausea, dizziness, and piercing stomach pains after an energy healing.

Thousands of people send all sorts of thoughts and energy in your direction every day. Also, your environment has the energy that may harm you. Unprotected you are an energetic sponge soaking up the energy around you whether it serves you or not. This also leaves you open to psychic attack and shadow parasites and also you risk burnout and physical and mental illness.

What is a Psychic Attack?

Psychic attacks occur when someone or something consciously or unconsciously sends an intense wave of negative energy in your direction. This may be in the form of strong emotions that trigger you such as anger or jealousy, and you are open to spells, black magic and shadow parasites that hook onto you and drain or control your energy.

As with a physical attack, a psychic attack hurts you physically, emotionally, and mentally. The effects can last for an hour or for months depending on the intensity of the attack. The common symptoms of a psychic attack include headaches, nightmares, fatigue, exhaustion, and mood swings.

There are many varieties and levels of psychic attack. Psychic attack is mostly experienced when you unconsciously absorb other people’s negative energy as you go about your day. It can also occur from a group of people who direct energy towards you and also from shadow parasites and black magic.

How does your aura pick up psychic energy?

You are not just your physical body and conscious mind. You have many more layers or bodies that exist within and around your physical body. These are the etheric layers of your body, commonly known as your aura. The aura is a field of energy that is subtle and forms a buffer between your existence in the here and now of 3D reality and the dimensions of reality that lie beyond.  Your auric field can extend to over a metre outside of your physical body.

Auras are volatile and behave like fields of energy and like fluids. They can flow between objects, whilst sending and receiving energy from the expanded environment. Your aura allows you to sense the energies of people and places as you walk through life. It constantly gives you feedback about the world around you.

If unprotected, your aura acts like a sponge that absorbs all kinds of energies from people and places. Unless consciously cleared, this energy remains stuck in your aura and affects the way you think, feel, and exist in the world. Your aura can be weakened or damaged by trauma, poor health and hygiene, and from other agencies including shadow parasites and magical enchantments and spells.

Energy Healers Need Psychic Protection

All energy healers and psychic practitioners need to put the work into their energy hygiene and psychic protection routine. It is like looking after your body by eating healthy nutritious food and exercising daily. Psychic protection is setting strong energetic boundaries between your personal energy and other people’s energy. This makes it clear about what is your energy and what is their energy.

Energy healers, empaths, spiritual channels, and spellcasters are far more susceptible to psychic attacks than other people because they are more vulnerable to energy and energy shifts. This incredible gift allows you to connect to people on a much deeper level. Psychics who practice healing, channeling, or readings discover that it is easy for them to feel for and be receptive to other people’s energy. Psychics are also vulnerable to the psychic energy of physical and non-physical environments.

The busy modern world brings with it many more conversations and interactions with people on social media as well as in real life. As a result of our interconnectedness, more and more people are waking up and connecting with their souls.  They become aware of their psychic abilities and the potential of using energy in a conscious way. Most spiritual seekers use their intuitive skills for good and to help others and the world. Be proud and fierce with protecting your light and energy and stop the energies that do not serve you from infiltrating you.

Practising Psychic Protection

The psychic protection tools and processes described below will help to amplify your own natural abilities for protection. Always be mindful of the attachments that you create to these techniques and remember that the most powerful tools in your possession are our own body and your intention. Look after your body and it will look after you. Remind yourself that you are the one that truly holds the power to protect your energy.

Clear yourself and your environment regularly, especially before and after any psychic work, and clear and protect yourself before you enter a new environment. To do this you can meditate and let go of all thoughts and feelings, or take some deep breaths to clear your thoughts and emotions, and then visualise protective energy around you. Then set your intention for your energy healing or psychic work.

Essential Oils and Incense for Psychic Shielding

Natural incenses and essential oils contain the vibration and collective energy of the plant, tree, or flower they come from. Call upon its energy consciousness and you will have a powerful elemental ally. This will protect you from other people’s negative energy and their incoming psychic attack.

Choose your favourite essential oil and hold the bottle in front of your heart.  Call upon the spirit(s) of the plants and flowers to protect you from negative energy and people, shadow parasites, and dark magic.

Add three drops of the diluted oil in your palms and rub them together. Then extend your hands outwards and gently wave them around your aura. Visualise sending light to create a high vibrational elemental shield around you. Then stand for a few minutes with your eyes closed to feel and affirm the safety and protection of the shield.


Rainbow Light of the Unicorns

Shield yourself with rainbow light to raise your vibration so that you don’t attract negative people or energy in the first place. The Rainbow Ray is a high-vibrational frequency light that has the ability to clear and recalibrate anything it comes into contact with. The rainbow ray is universally available to all living beings who want protection. It is usually bestowed by the unicorns.

Ask your unicorn guide to shower you with rainbow light emanating from its horn. Feel this pure rainbow light saturating your physical body and aura. This light is conscious and you can ask it to raise your vibration. With a strong intention, feel in your heart and know in your soul that you are invisible to any kind of psychic attack and any associated physical attack from the same sources.


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