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Quantum Energy Healing Edits Your Karmic Blueprint

Quantum healing is a well-known healing process, encompassing healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Quantum Healing has been around since the dawn of time; this is no new age fad!   I know (not believe) that in the here and now, our beloved planet is going through some major energy re-alignments.  Often we are not consciously aware of these energy shifts, but let me ask you this  Have you felt as though time is passing by at a aster rate  Do you feel as though you have personally experienced more in 1 month than you previously have in one year  Not only are we going through energetic shifts, we are going through Universal shifts and this correlates with a collective energetic clearing on all levels. The human race and the planet are experiencing this shift.

Genetic conditioning means that we carry belief systems within us on a subconscious and cellular level and we therefore re-live our parent’s (even our Grandparent’s , Great Grandparents and so on) energetic or karmic blueprints.  The result of this is, we stagnate in the old energetic paradigms.  This genetic conditioning is an ancient energy that has been carried forth into our modern lives (often over thousands and thousands of years) and will affect our futures (both individually and collectively) and we need to change the paradigm, if we are to change our future.

You hold the key to your own healing and your own destiny.

Sometimes it may seem that we are re-creating the same situations in life, for example:  attracting similar love partners to previous partners, we become confused as to why this happens.  This may be particularly true for those who find themselves in an abusive relationships of any kind.

I am an Energy Healer and yet, even with all of my learned knowledge of Inner Self I am aware that I am still in the healing process myself; but healing I am and at a rapid speed, this time around.  I am aware now, that my Mother, struggling with her own sense of self had to give me up for adoption, following in suit with her own genetic conditioning. It was not her fault, simply karma and energy playing out perfectly. Our genetic lineage must be broken if we are to free ourselves from the bonds of our ancestors.

If our inner child still has unhealed wounds, we will attract partners who also have healing themselves to do and this will often result in an abusive relationship.  At best, we find ourselves in a relationship that does not serve either human being’s higher purpose.

I know Genetic Healing gets down to the very root of why one behaves as one does, why one reacts as one does, and how one creates one’s life. It works at a cellular level and is extremely efficient. I call my healing modality Star Magic.

Healing is Natural

Our bodies instinctively know how to heal; we have a higher intelligence far beyond what we originally knew.   We are all becoming aware of so much in the past years and finally we can be the co-creator of our own reality.  I am not a fan of antidepressants and I have never been, based on personal experience, having watched the adverse effects of mental health drugs and practitioners on various people in my life.  Although I am aware this does not hold true for everyone and there are some excellent, ethical practitioners out there, I personally cannot advocate Big Pharma or the use of synthetic drugs, which often just numb feelings and thought processes, they don’t get to the root of the problem. They simply mask the symptoms, often, in the long run, making them worse.  I know that we need to acknowledge what we are feeling, both emotionally and physiologically, in order to effectively and permanently heal. Running from your feelings is not an option.

Genetic conditioning, if not acknowledged, can create illness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  I have witnessed many people in my life, suffering with illness due to genetic conditioning through their family of origin.  Sometimes this shows in our thought patterns.  The mind chatter as I like to call it, that of the ego.  All of our cumulative thoughts create our now.   Sometimes it is as though there is a war taking place in the mind and sometimes this can even be quite humorous, as though we are observing a comedy act.  However, there are no free tickets for this show as, left unresolved, the cost to the individual can be high in terms of overall well-being. (Yes, I am speaking from experience).

A simple thing could trigger an old memory or feeling which could instantly transport you back into that old paradigm of being..a smell (said to be one of the most powerful triggers), a sound, perhaps meeting someone who has the same mannerisms as an ex-partner), can almost literally leave you in the past, 30 years ago, re-living it all over again.   This may then accumulate in the future, by way of other triggers, on top of that original trigger, which you are internalizing subconsciously, but projecting outwardly, often onto those closest to you.

Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years. Quantum energy healing is so powerful that we can send healing through time, space, this life time, past life times, and even to the other side of the world. Time and space are an illusion after all.

Your mind is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

Your mind certainly is powerful and it can be used to aid or hinder your journey. Which will you choose

Although I am aware psychology is effective for some, for me it seems an outdated method of treatment for dealing with traumas.  It is often true when dealing with complex trauma, that the mind is unable to absorb new techniques, due to such things as stress and information overload etc.  I find that Energy Healing is a quick effective and relaxing method of healing, that works with the body’s natural energies, giving a more holistic and permanent healing on every level. It’s certainly the fastest method on the planet right now.

The time is now. You are incredible. Let me assist you in editing your karmic blueprint and opening you up to a life of infinite possibility.

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With Loving Energy,

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