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Quantum Healing

Disease is dis-ease. When our mind is not at ease our body becomes sick.
Scientific researchers have discovered that 75% of our illnesses originate from the mind and only 25% from the body.

Your negative thinking and feeling often manifests as aches, pain, and other ailments of the body. This happens because your mind and body are intimately connected.

Quantum Healing has helped restore the health of 1000’s of people in the last 2 decades.

Origin of Quantum Healing

In 1990, Deepak Chopra introduced the idea of quantum healing to explain the sudden and dramatic healing of the human body not understood by medicine.

Chopra saw that the mind and body are expressions of a deep level of consciousness. This is reflected in the quantum level of physical reality. We activate profound healing of the mind and body by consciously accessing the quantum level of our being.

Deepak Chopra used the principles of quantum mechanics for energy healing. He created quantum healing through a synthesis of mind-body medicine with ideas from quantum physics, transcendental meditation and ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

In quantum healing the mind is used to heal the body. A fundamental change in consciousness can produce a profound healing of the body and mind.

When the mind of the healer is healthy if will have a greater healing effect on the body. This is also when the conscious mind is aligned with the subconscious mind, heart and soul. The effectiveness of healing is affected by the emotional vibration of the healer.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is holistic healing of all levels of your being. Your body is ultimately a field of information, intelligence and energy. Quantum healing works on your energy field and holographic template pictured as a quantum field of interacting wave functions.

Quantum healing involves healing your mind to bring about change in your body and energy field. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy and information so as to bring about healing. It works at the tiniest discrete unit of the fluid field of consciousness.

The entire quantum field is malleable to the thoughts, presence and intention of every one of us. When you set an intention, the electron spin and wave function of the quantum waves make a shift. Tuning into the subatomic waves of light, sound and energy can give you the most amazing experience of wholeness, universal love, and of being connected with everything.

How Quantum Healing Works

Quantum healing uses the idea of your whole body and energy body system as one vibrating field. Everything within resonates at certain frequencies at sub-atomic scales as living energy.

In quantum healing each and every healthy cell of the human body emits photons.  Disease is an altered emission of photons. Photons from your cells excite other cells and are entangled with photons that may be light years away.

Most diseases start in the mind ends in the mind.  You create your own reality. Positive and negative thinking are felt deeply by your cells.

Your mind is a blank canvas onto which your thoughts are projected. It is a holographic presentation of your human body which is a holographic projection of human consciousness.

Quantum healing uses the observer effect in quantum physics. This is where the mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon.

Quantum healing takes place by producing endorphins. Endorphins are neuropeptides, endogenous morphine produced by pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

Quantum healing claims to heal and regenerate DNA to reverse illness and ageing. Quantum healing facilitates an increase in human lifespan by lengthening telomeres which shorten with ageing and even the way that genes are expressed.

Quantum healing also works on your energy body and light body to clear negative karma, shadow parasites, and it repairs and upgrades your holographic template. Also some quantum healing techniques are effective at collapsing timelines and healing across dimensions.

Flavours of Quantum Healing

There are many flavours of quantum healing including Quantum Touch, Quantum K, Dolores Cannon’s quantum hypnosis technique, Matrix Energetics, and Star Magic.

Quantum touches uses simple methods to produce the most amazing results. Through the use of breathing techniques, entrainment (two energy sources rising to meet at the highest level) and resonance (the quality of energy) Quantum-Touch helps everyone to develop as a healer. Quantum-Touch practitioners learn simple exercises to raise their life-force energy to a very high level. Life force can be thought of as the animating current of life.

Healing begins on a quantum, or subatomic level. Then it works its way through the rest of your body. Quantum healing is felt from the DNA to the molecules, cells, tissue, and organs. They all respond to the powerful vibration of our love as expressed through the life-force energy that comes through our hands.

Remember that you have the power within you to heal yourself and others by tapping into the universal power of love.


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