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Quantum Timeline Healing

Have you ever wondered what happens to you and your memories after you died? Every moment that is lived or not lived is recorded in the Akashic records. In this article, you will discover how to edit your timeline, clear your karma, and free up the energy from the past. Read on to discover how you can use quantum physics to heal your own timeline, the timelines of all your past lives, and those of others.

Visualising Your Timeline

Your timeline is beautiful. It is illuminated like a rainbow of interweaving threads and knots of vibrating multi-frequency light. From a 5D perspective, your timeline appears luminous. Its’ colours breathe and sparkle as if they are alive. Your timeline is ever-flowing like a thread or rope of liquid light. This thread is linked to your physical and astral bodies. It is also connected to the timeline threads of other people, world events, and your environment.

You are a projection of your timeline. Your body is a physical hologram in a holographic universe that mirrors original physical existence. Your energetic template or blueprint describes how you evolve in life. The information is stored in the Akashic records. Your Akashic record is updated many times by what you think, say, and do.  This includes when you sleep and when you die. You can also edit or heal your timeline through meditation and journeying.

Your life’s timeline is weaved into your soul’s timeline. Your soul’s timeline is the timeline of all of your lifetimes in this and other realities plus all of your spiritual incarnations. These will link up to your higher self, and then to your soul’s timeline. Then your soul’s timeline is weaved into your group’s timeline and this continues until all souls are one. This appears as a limitless jewel of light with perfect oneness and creation in the centre with vast geometric threads emanating and branching.

You see the threads of your living energy running through a limitless fractal network of the living threads of each and every person, thing, and atom. This interconnected network is like a thread of electricity between two brain synapses. There are countless other connections that connect up everything in all existence real and imagined. This is the Pattern of the Light or the Jewel of Creation.

Science of Timeline Healing

Timeline healing uses the quantum idea of nonlocality. The universe is nonlocal at the most fundamental level. This means there is no such thing as place or distance. There is no separation between you and the universe.

You have an infinite number of selves. There is a new self for every moment in all of creation. There is an infinite number of moments. All these selves exist in the eternal now like still frames in a movie.  This pattern repeats for everyone and everything. Included are all possibilities and not just the ones that you live in physical reality.

Timeline healing involves journeying through time to heal traumatised aspects of your soul. These are the parts of you that have experienced suffering, trauma, or limited programming. Timeline healing facilitates inner child healing and clearing of your thoughts, words, and actions over time across all timelines, past, present, and future.

After death, your soul’s timeline is stored as light language. It can be seen as notches or imprints in the luminous threads of light that weave through your timeline. You can clear these imprints like wiping a computer drive. This gives you a blank canvas to work from, without the past intruding on your present moment.

Now set your intention to live consciously and with integrity in this life. The more you clear each time you journey or unlock deeper levels of your being, the more love, vitality, and synchronicity you will experience. Your ancestral and cosmic memories will return as you clear and integrate more aspects of yourself. Also, you feel more alive, whole, and complete.

Healing Your Timeline

Your past selves, in this and other lifetimes, will have experienced trauma and committed negative actions. These leave imprints or karma that may affect your life now. Also, astral and etheric imprints, past life vows and contracts, and causal body blockages tend to carry over into future lifetimes. These will carry over into your adult life if you experience childhood trauma in this life.

In timeline healing, your soul is guided into a deep meditation. Then it is taken back in time to visit your traumatized selves. This process uses an induction process similar to hypnotherapy, along with guided imagery and affirmative statements. It is your astral light body and your highest self that go pack in time. In your past, you may have seen these aspects as angels or shimmering golden beings of light.

Various healing techniques are included during the visitation with your past self. The aspects of yourself that go back in time never change the physical details of your past self’s experience.  This would be a violation of the free will of the other souls that are involved in the past self’s creations. Instead, you change the experience of what happened and remove the emotional scars, imprints, and causal body blockages that resulted.

Once your healing is complete, the higher aspects of you will return to the present time. Your soul now has a new timeline that includes the healing that was received by your past self. This is a new timeline from now, the one, you return to the present time. The past is the same but now you have the power to follow a new more positive future.

Freeing Up Energy

You can also journey back in time to an enjoyable and empowering experience. Then you can bring your happy, powerful, and successful self forward in time to the present. This is so that the energy can be accessed in the present.

This is not just recalling a pleasant memory. Your light body and higher self actually go back in time and retrieve some of the wonderful energy of the past experience. They then bring this forward in time and mix the energy into your physical body.

This method is great for manifesting a better career or more loving relationships. Send out happy and loving energy into the world and the law of attraction will return it to you. This will be channelled through the people you meet and also the actions you take in life.

The most powerful and creative energies are emanated from your heart and solar plexus. Your mind is the interface that is used to carry out the desires of the soul. If the soul is tarnished by ego then these desires will be too.

Future Timeline Linking

There is an infinite number of possible future timelines spreading out from the present moment. This is like branches of a very large fractal tree. As soon as the soul decides on the desired outcome, the possible timelines are narrowed down to a specific optimum path.

There is still an infinite number of possible paths to a certain future. This is like the paths you can take to get to the top of a mountain. The intersection point at that future is created. This means that your soul can interact with a discrete and very real future self.

Once your future self is established, a dialogue is opened between your present and future selves. Your future self then gives your present self some advice on how to reach them. Your future self will share with you how they achieved that goal in life and the steps to do it.

There is an ongoing relationship between your present and future selves. This keeps your present self on course. Your future self becomes like a spirit guide or teacher.


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