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Reflections of Reality: Evolution of Screens

From Mirrors to TV

For millennia we have looked at reflections of reality in water and then by using mirrors. Cavemen painted images to express reflections of reality, the world, and also in their imaginations. Key events depicted using the most primitive of technologies. Yet they may have also had an advanced spiritual culture communicating in dreamtime and with the spirits of nature and the astral/mental realms. Perhaps aliens visited to instruct some of the societies in best practice and cultivation of life. Thus the mind was used as a screen to reflect thoughts, process input from the physical and spiritual realms, and learn from past, present and future knowledge.

Later civilisations widely used mirrors and types of glass in their cultures to view reflections of reality. Over time, more and more sophisticated optical devices were invented including the magnifying glass, camera, telescope and microscope. These afforded more of the rich physical world to be visible to the eyes of men, reflections of reality and of their souls and the souls of others. Then came the industrial revolution assuming a previous civilisation didn’t develop this far. For the first time we had a variety of devices and more screens in the form of TVs, monitors and computers. The transmission of sound and visuals impacted on our culture so much transforming our once humble isolated societies into one global whole.  Due to greed and power, governments and powerful organisations created a consumer culture where many lost their ability to think and create for themselves.  Being ‘spoon fed’, laziness and obesity set in as more and more were glued to the energy sapping screens of TV, mobile phones, internet and computer games. Thus the degenerate technological era of the current day manifested.

Virtual Reality & Holography

Now we have new technologies that have the power to capture and overwhelm people’s attentions such that, unless we realise what is happening, we will be slaves to machines controlled by those least interested in our welfare. Virtual reality and holography are two such technologies with great potential to view and interpret reflections of reality and other realities. Virtual reality allows us to visualise multi-modal phenomena and simulate complex mathematical, cultural and scientific problems so we can sort our earth’s problems and many medical solutions too. In computer games there is the potential for total immersion and addiction of an unreality. This may perpetuate a whole raft of attention issues currently suffered by people addicted to screens and the ‘fast lifestyle’ of the start of the 21st century. There is the potential for many amazing things too if we marry new technological advances with our cultural roots and nature.

Holograms are still in their infancy as is the case with quantum computing. It is much touted in theoretical science that we live in a ‘holographic universe’ and this may be so but it feels like another metaphor for what is actually happening. A hologram is a projection of a 3 dimensional image on a 2 dimensional sheet retaining all information and like a fractal a part reflects the whole and will do so with finer and finer resolution. It will not be long before we can produce a moving image in a 3-dimensional room that people can interact with. Current theories including string theory/M-Theory have the holographic principle at their heart in the guise of information stored at the event horizon of a universe sized black hole. By the way the universe from the big bang looks suspiciously like a black hole in reverse. According to Buddhism and many other spiritual paths our reality does not exist independent of its causes and conditions including us, the observers. This is like the ideas from quantum theory including parallel universes.

Tele-Manifestation & Warped Realities

Someday there will a technology that converts what someone is thinking into a virtual or physical object. This would entail knowing beyond believing that a cup of tea is on the table when there isn’t one. A device could detect the ‘psychic’ energy and reconstruct the object or resonates with the brainwaves of all observers. Thus the mind manifests objects from imagination and imagination and ‘reality’ mix. There is also miniaturisation and invisibility perhaps achieved by changing the phase or frequency of electromagnetic radiation of future technology. This means that someday it will look like we are living simple lives when in fact they are augmented by screens and implants transmitting and reflecting vast amounts of information. Even the floating images and 3D screens of ‘Minority Report’ would be archaic at this level of development.

In the far future, if we continue developing technologically, space may be pinched or wrapped around so the invisible screen becomes a portal or tunnel to other part of space like a wormhole, stargate, or warp drive. It is perhaps a technology used by extra-terrestrials today to observe us without detection. All we see is a normal environment or space when in fact there are one directional mirrors reflecting the illusion of a physical universe. All phenomena including sensory data can then be transmitted to us and appear authentic. At the moment we would not know the difference.

There are many other types of screen or reflection. The core idea is the world reflects our mind and other people and phenomena reflect our emotions. Also, our results of progress are stepping stones along the way, a means to an end but not the end itself. We would all benefit from taking time out, connecting with our hearts, and having a cup of tea.

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