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VIDEO: Rising of LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS | Divine Sovereign Meditation & Healing Transmission

This guided meditation is to rise consciousness and expand love on this planet. This is free for humanity to rise and come together. This meditation will create a huge wave of love, as we, sisters and brothers of Earth, come together daily, at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm or 9pm in your respective time zones, open our hearts and meditate. Each time you go through this meditation you will expand and the connection will strengthen. Please share this with your loved ones and lets create an unstoppable wave of love, that will create a platform for us to rise as divine sovereign beings and take the necessary action in this physical world. Compassion. Love. Divinity. Unity. The guided meditation is to bring humanity into a space, where we can elevate consciousness and really send huge waves of love into our worldly and cosmic environment. Its a 20 minute meditation, that you and your loved ones can engage in on a daily basis. either at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm or 9pm, your locaal time. When we encourage others to use this transmission, it continually builds in energy and more and more love will be sent out into the consciousness stream of humanity and right now on earth it is needed. I have uploaded the meditation onto YouTube. there is no talking before and after, its simply the transmission. Please use it and share it far and wide. The more people that engage with this at the said times, the more the power of our Global Human Connection will send waves of Divine Love out into the Planet. I can’t stress the importance of us engaging this way right now. There is so much potential chaos but we can balance it with our hearts, as long as enough of us join forces. Let’s do this.



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