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Sciatica Relief With Star Magic Healing by Jerry Sargeant

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful and often debilitating condition involving inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve can cause a radiating pain that can travel from the buttocks, down the leg, into the calves, and finally into the feet. There are numerous causes for this condition which can be found easily on Google. The emotional cause which Google may not tell you is being hypocritical or fear of money or fear of the future. What we will focus on in this article is a unique remedy for sciatica known as Star Magic Distance Energy Healing.

 Energy Healing.

How does does energy healing work to relieve sciatica? The energy healing Facilitator sends what is known as Star Magic into the area of muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. How this healing energy reaches the client from a distance can be fully explained by science. The clinical/anecdotal results speak for themselves. Energy healing has been found in almost every culture around the world for thousands of years and is just beginning to be recognised by modern medicine. Many of the top hospitals are now including energy healing in their complimentary medicine wings. If you are a fan of the Dr Oz show you will here him mention energy healing in some of his shows. He has been known to use energy healing during surgeries.

The big question is how can  Star Magic Energy Healing Relieve My Sciatica?

We will  address the emotional aspects of sciatica, which is, always, the root cause of every so called dis-ease. Star Magic takes Energy Healing to a completely different level. I’m able to edit your Karmic Blue Print and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing (Star Magic) that uses applied Quantum Physics to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas that you may be experiencing, keeping you from creating & living your most extraordinary life

The key to why this modality is so potent is that all healings are done from the zero point energy field (also known as the space of Infinite Possibility/Source Energy) and works on a deep root cellular level. From this space, we immediately align with the most authentic, whole & powerful aspect of ourselves which in itself creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. This modality has been totally blowing my clients away, and has been considered to be one of the most thorough & alchemising energy modalities available. Tumors, cysts, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, eyesight, sciaitica  and much more have been relieved. I also use Star Magic to elevate business performance, unlock blocks in relationships and so much more. If youre not satisfied with life you must try Star Magic.

Distance Healing

As an energy healer I have found that I can heal as well by distance as I can in person. This makes it incredibly convenient for my clients as relief is just a phone call away. There are cases where several sessions are needed before my client sciatica is totally resolved. Most people feel a big difference after the very first session and some with total relief. Everyone reacts differently to the healing.

I also specialise in remote or distance healing. This type of energy healing allows me to send the energy right after an initial conversation over the phone or by Skype, text message and even email. This makes it much more convenient for my clients who need relief right away. There is no driving to appointments or sitting in waiting rooms. You can be on the other side of the world. Time and space are just an illusion. I find it even more effective than hands on healing.

If you are struggling with sciatica then and would like relief please contact me. The sessions are 30 minutes.

If you would like to book your Star Magic Energy Healing and start the process to becoming a healthy vibrant you, then book your session now.

With Loving Energy,

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