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Sound and Light Healing

Light and sound heal you. Many popular types of vibrational medicine use light and sound frequencies to awaken your soul and heal your body and mind. Every living thing produces an electromagnetic field with a vibrational frequency. All matter vibrates to a precise frequency. Imbalances have certain frequencies that can be rebalanced. Read on to discover how light and sound healing uses resonant vibrations to restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

History of Sound & Light Healing

People have used sound, colour, and light therapies to treat many chronic illnesses for centuries. Colour therapies were used over 5,000 years ago in many cultures. These cultures include the ancient Egyptians, Ayurvedics, Chinese, Native Americans, and the Tibetans.

In ancient Chinese medical systems, the wavelengths of twelve colours correspond directly to your body’s twelve bio-electrical channels or meridians. These include the seven colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  These colours contain energy vibrations with healing properties and each colour has the potential to affect your moods, emotions, states of mind and physical health.

Science of Sound & Light

Einstein discovered that every living thing produces an electromagnetic field. This includes the aura which surrounds your body. This energy field has a specific vibrational frequency, tone, or key. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 has shown that all energy and matter are interchangeable and transferable.

Everything on earth is energy and light is energy. That includes you! The entire visible spectrum of colours is only possible with light. Also, the sun emits all colours of visible light and all frequencies of electromagnetic waves except gamma rays. Sunlight contains all wavelengths, which have their own frequency and produce their own specific energy. Each ray of a specific frequency has its own beneficial effects.

The imbalances in your body have certain frequencies that are out of phase with the natural rhythms of your body.  Healing with colour, sound, and light can rebalance these frequencies to restore your health and wellbeing. Vibrational energy is used as medicine in light and sound healing techniques. These methods follow the principle that all matter and energy vibrates to a specific frequency.

Healing With Light

Light has a spectrum of frequencies or colours. Sunlight enters your body through the eyes, and your skin. The sun gives you the light and heat you need to function physically. Higher-dimensional light also reaches you from the galactic core, angelic realms and source energy. These spiritual lights enter you through your chakras, meridians, light body geometry, and your Merkaba.

Light plays an important role in your body. It stimulates and supports your immune system, endocrine system, and other organs. Also, your body is tuned into colours. These are linked with your moods, emotions, and physical and spiritual health. Coloured light is used in colour therapy to clear blocked energy in your etheric body and for the transformation of consciousness.

Some light therapies use the visible colour spectrum and invisible ultraviolet and infrared light. These light therapies are effective in increasing your emotional well-being, reducing depression, addictions, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder.

Healing with Sound

Your ears hear sounds and music at frequencies from 20Hz to 20 KHz. If the sound wave is of a frequency of 20Hz then it is vibrating or oscillating at 20 cycles each second. At 20 KHz it vibrates at 20000 cycles each second. Within that range, you hear music and most of the sounds and man and nature.

Sound and music create shifts in your physical energy, emotions, and brain waves. Soothing music may help you meditate and tribal drumming or dance music will vitalise and make you get up and move. The sounds of beautiful music can stir your soul and bring you to tears. Random, harsh, or chaotic sounds may cause anxiety and dissonance.

Sound healing techniques use acoustic resonance, music, tones, beats, and frequencies. During a sound healing session, you will experience deep resonance, harmony, healing, and higher levels of conscious awareness. Focussing on soothing sounds during meditation will bring about harmony and resonance. You feel calmness and tranquillity and you feel at peace.

Sound healing techniques include the use of chanting, singing and toning. They also use Solfreggio frequencies. Musical instruments when tuned properly aid the experience. These include tuning forks, gongs, drums, and crystal singing bowls may be used to enhance your healing experience.

Sound Healing Techniques

Most modern sound healing uses Solfreggio frequencies, binaural beats, or brainwave entrainment. There are six original solfeggio frequencies. These are 396 Hz is used for liberation of guilt and fear; 417Hz for undoing emotional patterns; 528Hz for DNA repair, love and miracles; 638Hz for harmonious relationships; 741Hz for intuition and problem solving; and 852Hz for unconditional love and divine connection.

Similar to Solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats use specific frequencies of sound to create health benefits. Binaural beats can change your brain waves to place you in certain kinds of mental states. Headphones are essential for binaural beats to work. The beats are created from a difference in frequency in the sound entering your left ear from the sound entering your right ear.

Brainwave entrainment techniques synchronize your fluctuating brainwaves. This is achieved by providing a stable frequency and rhythm. This is a frequency for which the brainwave can attune to. By entraining your brainwaves, it becomes possible to slow down your normal waking consciousness (beta waves) to a more relaxed consciousness (alpha waves). Entrainment also lets you enter a meditative state (theta waves) and even sleep (delta waves). Real tangible internal healing occurs when you sleep deeply.

Sound and Light Technologies

There are many types of audio and visual stimulation that generate genuine transformation and healing. These include the use of meditation, colour therapy, brainwave entrainment technology, full-spectrum bulbs, guided hypnotherapy, binaural beats, and light and sound machines.

Cymatic notes and chords may also be used. The trippy geometric patterns are created from sand vibrating on a speaker cone, acoustic plate, or through the water. This creates geometry at key frequencies. It is also a great way of tuning your sounds to the frequencies which create sacred geometry patterns.

Some therapists will use light and sound frequencies corresponding to your acupuncture meridians or chakra system.  Light and sound therapies typically use 12 colours of the visible light spectrum with the corresponding 12 sound intervals of the musical scale. These are used by a skilled practitioner to release blockages and to correct emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual imbalances.

Light and sound machines are also very effective. There are several types including headphones and screen devices with trippy fractals such as Trinfinity, fully immersive light machines with gong bath such as PandoraStar. There are also emerging EEG-based ‘brain painting’ and virtual reality technology that utilise immersive virtual reality for spiritual awakening and healing.

The Benefits of Sound & Light Healing

The benefits of healing with sound and light include enhanced creativity, increased mental clarity, and stress reduction. You will also experience an increase in your energy levels, balancing of your chakras, and the healing of trauma.

Light and sound healing techniques can also improve your state of mind, and give you more rested sleep and increased relaxation. They help you to overcome your fears, boost your focus, and your emotional and mental well-being.

Many people receive most of the benefits of a therapy session by meditating to healing music whilst visualising being in a crystalline sound and light chamber.


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