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Spirit Food – Avocado


We all know that plants are living but have you ever taken the time to connect with the spirit of the foods we eat? Flower essences are a well used form of treatment in aromatherapy, in spirit food we can address a similar form of therapy through the use of foods.

In Spirit Food you will learn about the spiritual essence of each food and understand which spirit food to put inside your body to maximise your life.

This week we will be connecting to the spirit of the avocado and gain more of an understanding of how we can use this wonderful fruit to assist us in our day to day lives.



ORIGIN: The avocado is known by the Aztecs as the symbol of love. They associated avocados with fertility as they saw it as the fruit of lust due to it’s ability to act as an aphrodisiac. In Columbia a potential husband will bring a pair of avocados for his wife as a symbol of love. They closely resemble the testicles and are seen as a gesture of fertility. The avocado needs very specific circumstances to thrive, it requires warm, humid and a windless environment to grow.


Physical benefits:

The avocado is abundant with many nutrients and is easily digestible. it is high in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps reduce inflammation contributing to relief from arthritis. Avocados are high in b vitamins and are an excellent source of folate which is necessary for a child bearing woman.

Avocados supply a high amount of vitamin E which is wonderful to increase skin and hair health. Avocado can be applied to the skin as a mask and avocado oil is a great treatment for hair.

Half an avocado provides over 25% of vitamin K requirements, utilise this vitamin to prevent osteoporosis.

Avocados are full of fibre which help to relieve constipation and other digestive discomforts.


Spiritual and Emotional benefits:

Avocado is good to eat at the times in our lives when we need to feel loved. Avocado helps us to feel lovable and helps us to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and another. The avocado can soothe the soul due to it’s calming soft texture.

Avocado has the closest nutritional profile to mothers breast milk. Avocado can help with balancing the feminine motherly energies within our spirit body by comforting us and bringing us into unconditional love which we associate with the divine feminine.

Due to the avocados specific growing requirements eating the avocado can teach us how important it is to respect our own specific needs and environments to truly thrive. Find out what works best for you and don’t settle for anything less.

The avocado brings us closer to our own inner beauty. It doesn’t look the most appealing from the outside with its hard lumps and uneven hard skin, the inside proves a delicate flavour and attractive bright colour.


Connect with the Avocado:

Add avocado to smoothies, blend it into a dip, add it to salads, or even have it solo with a pinch of salt.

Mash avocado on the face as a treatment or use the oil on the hair to transform inner beauty to outer beauty.

By Claire Tracey




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