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Spirit Food – Banana

Spirit Food - benefits of banana

The name banana originates from the Arabic word ‘banan’ which, means finger. Its scientific name is ‘musa sapientum’, meaning “fruit of the wise men”. There is early written references to the banana in Sanskrit dating back to the year 500 BC. Bananas have been said to have been the worlds first cultivated fruit. Dating back to around 8000 to 5000 BC in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus


The banana is underestimated as one of natures superfoods. Its high mineral content ensures our electrolytes are balanced and our brains are functioning optimally.

Bananas contain tryptophan, a brain chemical used to balance mood. Having a banana every single day is a sure way to increase mood and create feelings of happiness. Banana’s are a wonderful way to ease digestive discomfort. The high soluble fibre ensures your gut is in balance and reduces constipation.

Bananas are high in resistant starch which has contained pre biotics to feed the gut bacteria in your digestion which results in reduced bloating. Their digestibility removes excess stress on the digestive system.

Bananas contain B vitamins which reduce stress from the body. They are a great addition to the diet for anyone looking to stop smoking as this vitamin reduces the stress of the withdrawals of the nicotine addiction both physically and mentally.

Vitamin B fights fatigue along with beneficial carbohydrate content. Bananas are a wonderful energy boost.

The magnesium in bananas will soothe any cramping by re mineralising the cells and muscles.


Bananas are really fragile fruits that need to be handled carefully. You have to handle bananas gently so you don’t bruise them. This holds true for the way we treat others. Your words and actions towards others can leave bruises upon their hearts just like the banana becomes bruised.

Don’t Judge the External

You can’t always tell the quality of a banana by it’s outside. We learn that what our heart and life look like on the inside is what’s important. Bananas bring us closer to Spirit by teaching us that our quality remains on the inside no matter how much our appearance changes on the outside.

The spirit of the banana provides comfort, stability and are great to consume after journeying or meditation.
Bananas teach us to be adaptable and durable while still allowing our inner being. They are wonderful to consume in time when nurturing and soothing are needed.

Bananas sweeten with time and they teach us that it regardless of the outward appearances of our skin, it’s what matters on the inside that counts.

Bananas are great for learning control and routine in your life.


Bananas are so versatile and can be consumed anywhere regularly, carry a banana in your bag to give you an instant energy boost.

Bananas can be frozen, cooked and eaten raw. Add them to smoothies frozen or raw. Mash them into pancake mix or fry by themselves in a pan. Add them to baking recipes as a natural sweetener to replace sugar.

Enjoy bananas during the times in your life when you need to be reminded that its what on the inside that matters.

Consume bananas pre workout and post workout for additional energy.

Rub banana skin on insect bites and stings to reduce itching and inflammation.

Connect with a banana to feel happy, boost moods and for a sense of lightness.




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