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Spirit Food – Beetroot



It’s said that beetroot date all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC. The leaves of the beet have been consumed by humans prior to written records, the root was used medicinally to treat illnesses and diseases. Written records show beets being used in ancient Egypt and in Babylonian civilisations. The root of the beet didn’t gain popularity as a common table dish until the 1800’s when it was popularised during the roasting process by French chefs.

It’s said that Hippocrates himself utilised beetroot leaves for wound dressing

Sucrose was first extracted from beets. Thirty per cent of the world sugar originated from beetroot.





Consuming beetroot prior to exercise is said to increase athletic performance. Drinking beetroot juice increases plasma nitrate levels and boosts physical performance. During a study, trained cyclists drank 2 cups of beetroot juice daily which showed to improve their 10-kilometre time trial by approximately 12 seconds, while also reducing their maximum oxygen output. To get the most out of the nitrates, consume beetroot juice 2-3 hours prior to exercise.

Nitrates may help increase blood flow to the brain, this helps reduce dementia in older people and help slow cognitive decline.

Beetroot contains betaine, a substance that helps prevent or reduce fatty deposits in the liver. Betaine may also help protect your liver from toxins. Betains contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce chronic inflammation over time.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps boost your immune system and protect cells from damaging free radicals. It also supports collagen production, wound healing, and iron absorption.

Beetroots contain high amounts of potassium, a mineral electrolyte that helps nerves and muscles function properly. Potassium prevents feelings of fatigue, weakness, and muscle cramps.

It contains folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects such as spinal bifida and anencephaly. It may also decrease your risk of having a premature baby.

Beetroot is also a good source of Vitamin A, calcium, iron and magnesium.


Beetroot juice is red, the colour of blood. Blood connects us to our ancestors and relatives. Connect with beetroot in times when you feel you need to heal ancestral traumas or release any suffering that has occurred throughout your DNA. The root vegetable can provide stability and a grounding effect throughout this process.

Beetroot comes to help when you have a fear of financial lack and being unable to support yourself. Beetroot assists you in grounding during these times and helps you balance the root chakra.

It’s very helpful to consume when you are making life changes or when starting new projects, it helps to set the pace of growth, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed at moving too fast, nor do you slow down to the point where you lose motivation.
Eat more beetroot if you are having difficulty getting close to anyone, fear of abandonment or are finding it hard to trust.



Juicing Beetroot is a wonderful way of getting a lot of nutrition into your body in a very small time and with minimal effort.

Roast beetroots to release their sweet flavours. Eat them as a side dish or snack on them throughout the day.

Boil beetroots in soups or add them to salads or blend them and season them into a beetroot dip.

Grate raw beetroot into salads or into a homemade coleslaw.

Make beetroot burgers, falafels or fritters.

Homemade beetroot crisps are a wonderful alternative to deep fried crisps.

Cook beetroot leaves up just like spinach.