Spirit Food – Carrot

We all know that plants are living but have you ever taken the time to connect with the spirit of the foods we eat? Flower essences are a well used form of treatment in aromatherapy, in spirit food we can address a similar form of therapy through the use of foods.

In Spirit Food you will learn about the spiritual essence of each food and understand which spirit food to put inside your body to maximise your life.

This week we will be connecting to the spirit of the carrot and gain more of an understanding of how we can use this wonderful vegetable to assist us in our day to day lives.



The carrot grew originally in Persia as a wild vegetable, it has been domesticated over the years in Asia and Europe. Carrots were originally purple and the root was not as important as it’s seeds and leaves were throughout time. The Romans used carrot seeds as an aphrodisiac while Mithridates VI, King of Pontius c. 100BC used carrot seeds in a recipe to counteract the effects of certain poisons, which has since been proven to work.

Carrot seed oil has been used historically to treat a broad range of illnesses and diseases both externally and internally.


Physical Benefits:

Carrots main function is to cleanse the body. It helps to decongest and purify it through its vast variety of vitamins and mineral present.

Its high storage of beta-carotene converts to vitamin a in the body, which is important for keeping the retina in the eyes healthy and improving night vision. Beta-carotene is a strong anti-oxidant which keeps the cells vibrant and energised which slows down the ageing process.

The beta carotene is what gives carrots its orange colour, this too helps with skin, hair and nail health with additional bonuses from vitamin a that protects our skin from the sun.

Use carrot to ease constipation, ulcers and any other ailment present in the digestive system. Carrot seed oil is especially useful to calm flatulence.

Carrots work wonders for stabilising blood sugar levels and is a wonderful anti-oxidant for purifying the blood.

Carrot seeds and carrot seed oil assists in relieving menstrual pain, it has been given to women after childbirth to increase the production of breast milk.



Spiritual Benefits:

Carrot contains an abundance of prana. The orange prana that carrot contains a lot of vital energy.

Prana is the vital life force within all of us. The orange carrot reminds us to be creative, fun and not be afraid of being different and standing out from the crowd.

The carrot is used to balance the solar plexus chakra. Its high prana and vital energy help get projects into action. It helps us with artists who are struggling with inspiration, carrots unblock creative flow while grounding the artist and allowing them to express themselves more freely. Carrots are a wonderful way to connect you to mother earth as well as a humble feeling.

Carrot has long been used in stews and broths with other roots when a cleansing period is needed for the energetic system.

Carrot teaches us that in order to be fulfilled we may need to do a bit of digging and go back to our roots along our journey. There is colour buried in the darkest of places and life where one may not think to look.


Connect with Carrot:

Only 3% of the beta carotene is released in the raw carrot during digestion. Cook, parboil and roast carrots to make it more readily available and easier to absorb. Watch your hair, skin and nails become vitalised as you feed them with carrot nourishment.

Incorporate carrots daily into your diet to help with ancestral healing. Carrots are wonderful to ground with when doing deep-rooted trauma work and should be a staple through these times.

Connect with carrot when increasing third eye abilities and to strengthen clairvoyance.

Take 1TBSP of carrot oil every day for 6 weeks to see maximum benefits.



By Claire Tracey



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