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Spirit Food – Chickpea


The Chickpea or Garbanzo bean, as its better known originated around 3,000BC in the Mediterranean. It was one of the earliest areas to be cultivated in before becoming popular in Africa and India. Domesticated chickpeas have been found in Neolithic pottery in certain parts of Turkey. 

They were consumed by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. People from ancient times also had associated chickpeas with Venus. The peas were believed to offer medical benefits like increasing sperm count and milk, provoking menstruation, and even aiding kidney stone treatment.

Ground roast chickpeas were used as a substitute for coffee in Europe way back in 1793. In some parts of the world, they are still brewed in the place of coffee.

This chickpea we have been talking about is replete with nutrients (obviously – that’s why we are talking about it). And before we get to the benefits, let’s take a look at ’em.

The story of the Chickpea was made most popular by Persian poet Rumi. 



The chickpea offers an abundance of health benefits. It’s high fibre content helps aid in weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer.

One cup of chickpeas contains an incredible amount of manganese, almost 85% of your recommended daily amount. Manganese is a vital nutrient for multiple areas of the body. 

Chickpeas contain adequate nutrients for bone health and are a good source of calcium.

The iron levels in chickpeas can help combat fatigue associated with low iron levels. It is necessary for women to increase iron levels around the time of their period.

Chickpeas are almost 30% protein. Protein is a necessary building block for the muscular system of the body. It aids in repair and recovery in everyday life. It is important to increase protein consumption if you lead an active lifestyle. 

Folate is the most important nutrient during pregnancy. It is indispensable for the health of the mother and baby. It reduces the risk of neural tube defects and low birth weight.

Chickpea reduces inflammation as well as improving metabolism and the absorption of minerals and vitamins.



A poem by Rumi

“A chickpea leaps almost

over the rim of the pot

where it’s being boiled.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

The cook knocks it down with the ladle.

‘Don’t try to jump out.

You think I’m torturing you.

I’m giving you flavor,

so you can mix with spices

and be the lovely vitality of a true human being.

Remember when you drank rain in the garden?

That was for this.’

As the chickpea’s aspiration for awakening grew

it said to the cook:

‘boil me some more,

nudge me back into the pot,

I can’t do this by myself,

I love your cooking.’

Just as the chickpea learned its purpose and burned in the love of cooking to be incarnated into the human body, we too have a purpose. Love can set our souls on fire, it is the passion that burns through us. Consuming the chickpea can remind our cells that we are part of a bigger plan and your soul knows its purpose. It knows sometimes pain is necessary as you undergo a life transformation.



Use chickpeas as part of your beauty regime. Mix 6 tablespoons of mashed chickpeas with a little water and massage into your scalp. Leave for 15 minutes to reduce dandruff.

The vitamin A and Zinc present in chickpeas are wonderful properties to combat anti ageing, dark circles, wrinkles and age spots. Apply mashed chickpea to the face and use as a face mask for 15 minutes to notice brighter, more vibrant skin.

Connect to chickpea during times in your life where you feel your transformational process is overwhelming. Eating humous through this time is a way to comfort the soul. Its texture and fat content sooth the cells.

Consume four servings of chickpeas a week to ensure you get all the benefits this humble pea has to offer. 




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