Spirit Food – Chlorella


Chlorella is one of the oldest plants on the earth and many feel it is the healthiest food on the planet. Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater emerald green micro algae. Spherical and about 2 to 10μm in diameter. Chlorella originates from and is produced in Asia. It is known as the ‘Jewel of the East’.

Chlorella is one of the most potent nutritional whole foods. Each chlorella cell is a self-sufficient organism and an exceptional concentration of important nutrients.

Chlorella contains protein that is more digestible than animal protein. It contains roughly 45% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 20% fat, 10% vitamins and minerals, and 5% fibre. Chlorella contains the highest quantity of chlorophyll ever known. It has a structure similar to haemoglobin in our body’s red blood cells. Chlorophyll carries oxygen around our body’s bloodstream and increases the red blood cell count. It also cleanses and purifies the blood, liver, kidneys and bowel.

Chlorella also contains vitamin B complex with B12, vitamin C and E plus many minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and trace minerals. The algae also has Omega-3 fatty acids, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), Beta-carotene, and long chains of sugar molecules known as Mucopolysacharides.




Chlorella contains a wide spectrum of nutrients and researchers have found dozens of health benefits. It is an incredibly important supplement for detoxification of the body from harmful chemicals and pollutants. It is full of vitamin B12 which many vegans need for brain health and clarity of thinking. Heavy metals such as mercury and many others are found in animal products and in non-organic foods and crops. Chlorella’s fibrous material of the outer shell helps remove heavy metals from the body which have accumulated due to the ingestion of contaminated food products.

Chlorella can help protect you against dental mercury poisoning by extracting the toxins from your body before they can cause any harm. Mercury fillings are toxic as are the vapours released during dental work. The silver-mercury fillings are also highly toxic if they crack and you swallow bits. Taking Chlorella before every dental procedure offers you good protection against the vapours and bits of filling. Chlorella offers considerable help with intestinal health by supporting the intestinal flora known as the friendly bacteria in the digestive system, supporting digestion and protecting it from disease. Chlorella also has more protein per ounce than meat and has a complete spectrum of fatty acids.

Chlorella has a greater quantity of fatty acids than any other algae. Researchers have shown that Chlorella is very effective for cardiovascular diseases with anti-inflammatory effects. These include reduction of blood clotting and lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Chlorella has great benefits with lowering blood sugar levels which helps people with diabetes and hypoglycaemia. There is an almost perfect ratio of proteins and carbohydrates in these little algae. Chlorella has a real nucleus and it offers superior quality of nucleic acid that replenishes RNA and DNA.

Chlorella has been shown to be very effective for people with anaemia, weak digestive absorption, poor spleen function or other devitalizing disorders. Over time chlorella builds vitality, improves digestion, improves mental clarity and enhances energy by rebuilding the strength of organs and tissues.

Chlorella can also improve aerobic performance and helps with healing wounds. It may also help improve eye health, asthma, and other respiratory diseases and perhaps cancers too.


Chlorella helps to balance your mind, body, and soul. It is one of the foods of the gods and is provided by Mother Nature in her freshwater. Chlorella is pure sunlight transformed into nutrition.

Take Chlorella daily for a few months and you will feel improvements at all levels of your being. This includes a noticeable increase in your vital energy and detoxification of your etheric light body. Chlorella lubricates and balances your light body so it can hold more divine light. According to Ayurveda, chlorella powder supplies ojas, which is “life force” or “vitality.” Ayurvedic doctors claim that ojas can become depleted by age, stress, and toxins. As Chlorella detoxifies the body of heavy metals and toxic chemicals it will also increase your overall levels of energy, health, and vitality.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, chlorella provides yin energy. It is restorative at the deepest levels of the body. Chlorella calms your nervous system, reduces the effects of ageing, and it is rejuvenating and nourishing to your body, heart, mind and soul. You gain a deeper connection with nature, with divinity, and with the universe.

Chlorella contains Chlorella Growth Factor which is a mix of bioavailable nucleotides and peptides. These are the raw materials used in nature to build new DNA and cell components in all life forms. This frees up extra energy which you can use for energy healing and cellular regeneration.



Chlorella is available in capsule, extract, powder, and tablet supplements. You can use Chlorella in juices and smoothies and also sprinkle it onto food. Normally it takes between 3 and 6 months for you to receive noticeable health improvements. For some people, the effects of Chlorella can be felt immediately. Most supplements indicate a daily dosage of 2–3 grams. For an average adult weighing about 70kg this dose will give your body all the nutrients it needs such as protein, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and enzymes. You can take a higher dose of 5 to 8 grams per day for faster detoxification and disease-fighting.

It is advisable to introduce Chlorella into your diet gradually whilst monitoring your stools. Chlorella can result in mild diarrhoea for a few weeks. Some people may temporarily experience nausea, gas, bloating, stomach upset, cramping, and green stool. There are no known other side effects.

Use chlorella two hours before you go into an infrared sauna. The chlorella will be in your intestine when you are in the sauna. It is ready to bind irreversibly to the toxins that are later released safely by your body.