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Colloidal Silver is a solution made with tiny particles of real silver in a water solution. It is known as a miracle cure, an antibiotic, and antiviral. Colloidal Silver has been used for centuries. In many cultures, silver was considered a symbol of trust, truth, excellence, wisdom and love. Silver salts and solutions, including colloidal silver, were used as a traditional remedy for centuries to treat diseases.

People believe it can cure colds faster as well as treating hundreds of other ailments historically. These include pneumonia, skin rashes, sinus infections, ear infections, and flu. Also, colloidal silver has traditionally been used as a topical wound dressing. The medical use of colloidal silver was introduced by Dr Benno Crede in 1897. He speculated that it might possess the germicidal properties of silver salts without toxicity. Subsequently, the colloids of silver were widely used to treat various bacterial infections. The silver destroys bacteria by removing electrons from it.

Colloidal silver solutions contain microscopic particles of pure silver. Silver is a natural element and colloidal silver is a mineral. In colloidal silver, the particles are usually suspended in a solution of demineralised water. The silver particles measure between 0.1 and 0.001 of a micron.

Colloidal silver is a suspension and Silver Sol is a solution that is patented. Suspensions have larger silver particles that over time start settling at the bottom of the container. The particles in a solution such as Silver Sol or Silver Hydrosol are very small and won’t sink to the bottom. Colloidal silver and Silver Sol both work in a similar way. Colloidal silver is missing a single electron while Silver Sol is missing two electrons. This allows silver sol to destroy one electron and charge another at the same time. Thus Silver Sol is constantly killing bacteria and recharging at the same time. Silver Hydrosol is the purest and highest grade version colloidal silver. It is made of 99.99% pure silver including 96% ultra-fine, positively charged Ag+ ions suspended in purified pharmaceutical grade water. In contrast, the bioavailability in colloidal silver of between 15 to 65% and the particles are much larger too.


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Colloidal silver can kill some germs by binding to and destroying proteins. The presence of colloidal silver solutions near a virus, fungus, or bacterium disables the enzyme in the metabolism of oxygen. Within minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune system. Colloidal silver and Silver Hydrosol can boost your immune system by helping your body fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can also use Silver Hydrosol for sore throats, pink eye and the common cold. Colloidal silver solutions also limit infections due to their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal silver is also used to promote healing of skin wounds and minor burns. Silver nanoparticles embedded in bandages and dressings have been used for decades to help disinfect and treat wounds. Colloidal silver and Silver Hydrosol may also offer benefits in treating certain types of cancers, diabetes and the human immunodeficiency virus. Further clinical research is required to confirm the benefits of using colloidal silver solutions in the treatment of these medical conditions. Studies of Silver Sol and Silver Hydrosol show them to be safer to use, last longer, maintain bioavailability, and be more effective with healing. Unlike the larger colloidal silver particles, the smaller silver atoms bond onto water molecules. It is believed that they persist in the body and able to attack microbes repeatedly.



Silver has been closely associated with the moon and lunar influences. Silver is closely tied to Isis, emotional intelligence, flexibility and creativity. Colloidal Silver acts as a lubricant for etheric sensations and boosts sensitivity and healing of your energy body. You feel more inflow and have a silky feeling during movement, dancing, or exercise. Use colloidal silver for psychic work, energy healing and spirit communication. Spirit uses brain synapses to form messages. This requires a large amount of iron. Colloidal silver acts as a lubricant for the brain connecting it to the ether. This helps the messages become clearer. Take a few drops of colloidal silver before energy healing, deep meditation, journeying to other worlds, or spirit communication.



Colloidal silver is available as a liquid, ointment, topical spray, or nasal spray. Colloidal silver and silver solutions are usually taken by mouth or put on the skin.

The recommended daily oral dosage is 1 tablespoon of 50 ppm of colloidal silver every 24 hours. The adult dosage for Silver sol spray is 10 sprays 1 to 3 times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Use a few drops of colloidal silver in the throat or under the tongue at the first sign of a cold or the flu.

You can make colloidal silver with a silver ion machine. Silver prongs are placed in distilled water and small amounts of silver are electronically deposited into the water through electrolysis. Colloidal silver is generally silver with a strong odour. It is yellow or brown in colour. The silver solution is colourless and odourless. Colloidal silver has a distinct metallic flavour while the silver solution has a very faint metallic aftertaste.

Be careful as too much colloidal silver taken for too long can turn you blue and cause other potential issues. Always look for the purest quality and smallest particle size to minimise side effects. The higher quality Silver Sol and Silver Hydrosol are said to be much safer to use. Also, you won’t turn blue with these finer solutions of silver.