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Spirit Food – Fig

Spirit of food - Fig



The fig is one of the oldest plants on the planet, outdating wheat, barley and many other sources of nutrition humans consumed throughout time. The fig dates back to Africa, to prehistoric times when dinosaurs walked the land.

The fig is best known for being the tree under which the Buddha received enlightenment. It is the first fruit tree to be mentioned in the Bible and some religions believe it is the tree that Eve picked from in the Garden Of Eden.

Figs can also have powerful impacts on everyday life, both in a positive or negative fashion. In Bolivia, they believe that walking under the fig trees can cause illness due to the soul-stealing spirits that dwell around them. In Papua New Guinea it is believed that evil spirits escape from the roots of the tree if they are cut down. Kikuyu women in Africa smear themselves with the sap of fig trees to ensure pregnancy.


Figs are a wonderful way of bringing a healthy dose of fibre into the diet. The seeds inside of the fig act as an internal exfoliation for the digestive tract, cleaning and collecting any toxins along the way.

They have an abundance of vital vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B1 and B2, manganese and potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. The high level of potassium and low level of sodium gives relief to people with hypertension.

Figs are a wonderful way of getting more iron into the body. Supplement figs in your body to reduce tiredness and fatigue associated with low iron levels.

The high calcium levels in figs help with bone health and osteoporosis.

The fig boosts immunity. It removes harmful oestrogen from the body which eases the problems women encounter in menopause. It reduces ovarian, breast and uterine cancer and reduces weight gain and mood swings by eliminating any excess oestrogen collected.


The purple colour of the fresh fig is associated with the 7th chakra in the human body. Eat fresh figs to bring spiritual alignment to oneself.

The inside of the fig is similar to the shape and colour of the human brain, figs are a wonderful way to access more knowledge and assist us in becoming spiritually fulfilled. Fig works with the pituitary glands to increase third eye visibility and spiritual awareness.

Dating back to prehistoric times these plants have witnessed it all. They have collected vibrations and information from the dawn of time, you can only imagine what they have witnessed. Meditate with the fig and absorb its knowledge and deep healing energy.


Connect with fig to increases chances of fertility, the abundance of seeds within the soft outer layer of the flesh resembles that of the testicles. Both partners should consume 2 fresh figs daily with the intention of conception to increase fertility and successful conception.

Add figs to salads, smoothies and any recipes that require added sweetness.

To get an answer to a question, you can write the question on a Fig leaf; if the leaf takes a long time to dry, the answer is yes, and if it dries quicker than the answer is no.




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