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Spirit Food – Grape

spirit food grape



The earliest use of the grapevine was found in Sumeria.

The most famous story we know today that includes the grape is going back over 2,000 years ago. Jesus turned the water into wine in the story of the Passion. The grapevine symbolises the blood of Christ. In the last supper, Jesus shared wine with his disciples and asked them to drink it in his memory.

There was a similar story found in Sumeria associated with the God Dionysis/Bacchus. They both hold the same meaning.

Dionysis is first depicted holding a fennel staff with a pine cone on top. The pine cone represents the pineal gland, of which releases hormones and melatonin.

Melatonin helps with sleep. The melatonin present in grapes assists to destress the body and restores balance.

Wine is said to liberate the mind of conscious fears bringing ones self into a state of bliss, joy and enlightenment and love.



Grapes are packed with anti-oxidants and are highly nutritious. They are particularly high in Vitamin C and K.

One cup of grapes contains more than one quarter the recommended amount of Vitamin K, this vitamin assists in preventing osteoporosis and is vital for blood clotting.

The anti-oxidants in grapes remain present after fermentation. Red grapes contain higher anti-oxidants than white grapes due to the anthocyanin that give them their rich colour. One of the anti-oxidants present is called resveratol. This polyphenol has been proven to significantly protect against heart disease, cancer and lowers blood sugar levels.

Compounds found in grapes have been linked to stopping the herpes virus, chicken pox and yeast infections and harmful bacteria from spreading. This may be one of the reasons wine is consumed with meal times. The compounds have shown to stop the bacteria E.Coli present in some food from spreading.

Grapes have a high content of fibre and water which can relieve constipation and keep bowel movements regular.


The grapevine is a plant that grows in abundance. The grape endures the cycle of birth and rebirth through the process of wine making.

The grape symbolises transformation and fertility.

Ancient traditions used wine and grapes to reflect the awakening of the soul from the path of disillusion in to enlightenment.

The unborn soul is trapped inside of humanities insanity and disillusionment of the material world. The challenge you are presented with is to return back to the path of divinity where nobleness and purity reside.

Wine gives one the opportunity to respect the vine. Wine can be used to feed the ego seeking party lover who runs from the subconscious programmed mind of the materialistic consumer. Or it can be used in a sacred setting to bring enlightenment and purity to break free from the delusion and return to divinity.

We are born pure and do not return to that purity until we take free will to become enlightened.


Grapes can be eaten fresh as whole fruit or they can be used in wine making, jams, juice, jelly, raisins, vinegar and oils.

Connect with grape in times of transformation or when following the path to enlightenment. If grapes are too difficult for some to digest, a sacred glass of wine or grape juice can be used to create your manifestation

Pour the glass of organic wine and send your intentions into the wine. Open your heart and connect to the spirit of the grape on a deep level. Let it know your truths. As you drink the wine, imagine your intentions entering into your bloodstream ready to take you into your desired reality.

Frozen grapes are a wonderful sweet snack.

Grape juice is a wonderful way of consuming the goodness of grapes if you have a sensitive digestive system and find it difficult to digest the skins.